Google asks: Will you solve my valentine?

Google asks: Will you solve my valentine?

Summary: Love, flowers, sweet, valentine: these are some of the words you'll have to enter today when a site presents you with a reCAPTCHA.

TOPICS: Security, Google

reCAPTCHA, a CAPTCHA service from Google, is serving up Valentines Day-themed CAPTCHAs today.


As you see in the example nearby, the text in the CAPTCHA is undistorted and easy to read. This is because reCAPTCHA has recently deployed new techniques that make CAPTCHAs easier for humans and harder for robots.

At the same time they have relaxed the distortions in their audio CAPTCHAs.

Make sure also to check out Google's Valentine's Day doodle with true stories of love from National Public Radio's show This American Life (click on the hearts).


Topics: Security, Google

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  • unlistenable

    Must be so many are online,
    listening at the same time.
    I can't hear it, maybe tomorrow,
    lucky me I have my love near, I'm not in sorrow.

    'Happy Valentine's Day', to those whom NEED to hear/read it.
    • Tomorrow I doubt they'll be there

      This looks like "Today Only" thing
  • I did not see today's doodle.

    I saw a Happy Birthday message from Google.
    • That's because today isn't Valentines Day

      Sorry you missed it
    • archives

      Here's the archive of it:

      And here's the International Valentines Day doodle: