Google bringing back missing December for Android 4.2 users?

Google bringing back missing December for Android 4.2 users?

Summary: An Android 4.2.1 update is apparently making its way to owners of the few devices that run the latest version of Google's mobile OS, although the lack of a changelog makes it tricky to tell what other improvements it might bring.


Google is reportedly bringing the concept of 'December' back for users of Android 4.2, the most recent iteration of its mobile operating system.

Last week someone noted that users of Android 4.2 are unable to enter any 'event' date for a contact in the month of December, as the month is simply absent from the 'People' app. Google said it was working on a fix.

This writer's Nexus 7 has not yet received the Android 4.2.1 update but, according to a Talk Android report on Tuesday, it is now rolling out gradually.

However, there is as yet no changelog for the apparent update, so it is difficult to tell what other fixes and improvements it might bring.

The number of people affected by the bug will be relatively low, as hardly any Android devices run 4.2 yet. Those that do include the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets and the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus smartphones.

ZDNet has asked Google for more details of Android 4.2.1, but has not received any reply at the time of writing.

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  • i got it

    I got the 4.2.1 update on my original nexus 7 last night. but i was too tired to play with it after it finished the upgrade process. So it is indeed going out at least, just in time for December
    • Where are "many eyes" when you need them?

      We were told that FOSS has "many eyes" reviewing the open source code so it's easy to spot bugs among other blah-blah-blah hypes. So what's going on with this December-less calendar? Were these FOSS fanatics getting so delusional that they actually believed there were only 11 months, or perhaps it's just another case of a snake oil salesman having his weasel words falling right smack into pieces in his face?
      • chill out dude

        to my understand it was just the one "people" app that had the december issue. not the whole operating system. so it was probably just a bounds checking issue somewhere in that app. it's not that big a deal. it's not like they reported they were going to release the greatest maps app of all time and it flopped so bad the ceo had to appologize.
        • Software problem - got fixed

          Yeah so they pushed a new app.

          Meanwhile Apple maps in use by millions of people.

          Apple maps had server side issues, some of which, if not most, were data problems.

          Apple maps now works well for me and I have been testing it's turn-by-turn nav side by side with a TomTom unit - and for the features it has it is impressive compared to the TomTom.

          So yeah Apple apologized for releasing it too early - and then fixed it up.

          So your sarcastic comparison being valid? No - but much of the press is yet to catch up also.
          • my sarcastic comparison was valid...

            because @LBiege acted like one little minor bug was the end of the world... and it wasn't. i was just pointing out that there were much bigger oopsies that occurred this year. I could just have easily pointed out another operating system that is currently rebooting itself over and over again. is that a better comparison for you?
          • Well done, script followed

            Well done richardw66, your devotion to the cause has been noted. Keep repeating the same rubbish and maybe someone will believe you that apple maps wasn't a huge FU by apple. CEO apologising, that means nothing, not even that there was anything wrong. I do like how you interchange 'released an unfinished, questionable quality product' with, 'released too early'. Nice, it's not crap, it's just ahead of it's time.
            Little Old Man
          • Fixed? Are you kidding?

            Apple Maps still has a long way to go especially outside the US. And even if it was working correctly, it has a number of shortcomings like no street view, pedestrian or public transit features. Features included in Google Maps.
  • My God

    Google was trying to take Christmas! What happened to "do no evil"?

    BTW this is sarcasm... just to point out the obvious to those who would defend Google to their dying breath.
    • Really, google stealing xmas?

      Only joking.
      Little Old Man
  • How long

    Has Bill O'Reilly declared the omission an example of the liberal elite's war on Christmas yet?
  • December missing on purpose.

    Google knew that the world was ending in December and didn't want anyone making appointments they couldn't keep.
    • @Net-Tech_z: That has got to be one of the best

      Replies I've ever read here on Zdnet!
      Just perfect.
      Thanks TW