Google buys Frommer's: More build, acquire vs. partner

Google buys Frommer's: More build, acquire vs. partner

Summary: The search giant buys John Wiley's travel publishing assets as it aims to build out Google Maps and Android into a unique experience.


Google is acquiring Frommer's and other publishing assets from John Wiley & Sons in a move that highlights how the search giant is looking to own content and differentiate its services vs. partnering.

John Wiley said in a statement that it sold all of its travel publishing assets to Google. The trade publisher said it will redeploy the funds on its other assets such as technical, scientific and medical publishing. John Wiley is also looking to unload its culinary, nautical and CliffNotes franchises among others.

Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Ed Bott: With Frommer's purchase, Google poaches a Microsoft partner

Google's move to acquire Frommer's highlights the company strategy to buy or build content rather than partner. Google could take Frommer's and combine it with Zagat.

Last week, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster noted that Google is buying content to create a unique Android experience. Apple is partnering with every company not named Google.

Indeed, Google either builds its integrated services or acquires them. See for yourself.


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  • Yeah except...

    Gene Munster is an idiot... just about every one of those services has an App that integrates into Android just as well as it does iOS and possibly even better!
  • The suckage continues ...

    ... just like the gigantic storm systems in the film The Day After Tomorrow ... Google, MSFT, Amazon and Apple accrete all energy(=media) from the planet ...
    ... or would that be a black-hole and the solar system?