Google CEO Page says Glass is the future; Really?

Google CEO Page says Glass is the future; Really?

Summary: "I feel like every time I'm using Glass I'm living (the) future," says Google CEO Larry Page about technology change and wearable computing.

TOPICS: Google, Hardware

Google CEO Larry Page says he feels like he's living the future every time he wears Glass.

On a conference call following Google's second quarter earnings, Page said:

I think certainly over the long term, we're going to have new kinds of devices and ways of interacting with computing and the Internet. We're obviously excited about Google Glass. And new ways of interacting with hardware and new types of hardware. With any technological change you probably overestimate the short-term and underestimate the long-term. So I think our -- we're really excited about making those investments and making sure we're positioned to the future. That's why I love using Glass because I feel like every time I'm using Glass I'm living that future, that's really, really exciting to me.

The big question here is whether Page is on target.



For instance, I haven't picked up my Google Glass in weeks. The future gives me a bit of a headache. The future---assuming Glass is the future---runs a bit hot on my right temple sometimes. The software is improving, but Glass is a work in progress.

Robotic cars feel more like the future from Google. Google Glass? The jury is out. Page is obviously on board though.

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Topics: Google, Hardware

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  • Could Google Glass blow up in your face literally?

    With the S3 blowing up on people, I wouldn't be surprised if this tiny explosive device caused some serious black eyes or even brain damage. There's even an all powerful Apple iPhone that electrocuted someone in China. Too big of a risk for me.
    • RE: Google CEO Page says Glass is the future; Really?

      No, not really. According to Larry Dignan, the future is the iPhone 6, exactly the same as the iPhone 5 but with another grip of death issue and worse UI. That's enough of an iTurd to keep Larry eating it for years to come.
  • It appears it's time for "adult supervision" at Google again.

    But not Schmidt again, please.
  • Google Glass is one

    but their are others how have been working on this kind of device. One is GlassUP from Itally. Although they lack the funding Google has, they are moving forward and have a source funding campaign in place.
  • A video camera on your head

    From what I am hearing about Glass, the way users use it, it's pretty much a head mounted video/camera. For everything else that it does, a smart phone is more practical a device to use. Plus privacy advocates will continue to ban the use of Glass at many places. Future?
  • I don't see it personally

    wearable tech needs to be convenient but not obtrusive. Having some thing on your face that interferes with your vision? I don't see it myself.
  • Don't see it?

    "Having some thing on your face that interferes with your vision? I don't see it myself."

    If it interferes with your vision, then how do you not see it? :)
  • Here's an idea...

    Rather than pontificating about how great your idea is - why not just get the damn thing out into the market and let US decide if it's the future.

    Otherwise it's just more elitist wanking.
  • Glass has a lot fewer regulatory and liability problems.

    Self-driving cars are going to need at least DOT approval, plus the various states DMVs. Maybe Google lawyers can write a EULA that's judgement proof, but there are some pretty good ambulance-chasers out there. I'm not sure the insurance companies will want to touch them.

    With all that in mind, Glass seems a lot easier.
  • I hate the spam filter.

    I can't make my post. The spam filter hates it.

    Try again:

    I don't see glasses as the future. A survey done at one time indicated people preferred other types, in particular wrist types. And I don't see the big benefit of wearable tech anyways.