Google+ champion Vic Gundotra confirms resignation

Google+ champion Vic Gundotra confirms resignation

Summary: UPDATED: Coincidentally, the news about the Google+ chief's departure reportedly leaked on Secret, of all places, first.


Vic Gundotra, chief of the Google+ team, confirmed his resignation in a post on the social network after eight years with the Internet giant.

Re/Code broke the story on Thursday morning, although it is speculated the news first got out on the budding anonymous mobile app Secret.

Regardless of what spread on the rumor mill app spreading throughout Silicon Valley like wildifre, Gundotra explained in his resignation memo that the decision stemmed from soul searching following a personal family tragedy.

Google CEO Larry Page followed up with a Google+ post of his own thanking Gundotra, crediting the former Microsoft general manager that he "built Google+ from nothing."

Page wrote:

You cut your teeth on our mobile apps and developer relations, turning our disparate efforts into something great.  When I first used turn-by-turn navigation, it blew me away.  And, walking onto the stage at I/O last year, it was amazing to see developers so excited about Google.  These were vintage Vic projects.

The Re/Code report said, according to sources, that Google has already tapped its vice president of engineering, David Besbris, to replace Gundotra.

ZDNet pinged Google for confirmation and will update this post pending comment from Mountain View.

UPDATE: Google confirmed the Besbris promotion.

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  • It sounds like he may have been asked to resign

    given Google+'s poor reception and uptake.
    • Not to mention the invasive way G+ was shoved down

      ... the throat of Youtube and GMail users.
    • typical you

      Maybe you should have read his post before commenting.
    • Now it would be interesting to see his comments

      about Google once he joins another company like he did with his previous ex employer. Google never sushed him when he commented about Microsoft, now it would be interesting to see their reaction if the same thing bounces back on them.
      Ram U