Google claims half a million Android activations daily

Google claims half a million Android activations daily

Summary: Google's head of Android, Andy Rubin, has said there are now 500,000 device activations each day worldwide


Google Android chief Andy Rubin said on Tuesday that more than 500,000 Android devices are activated each day worldwide.

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Week on week, that is a growth rate of 4.4 percent, Rubin said in a post to Twitter. In May, Google announced a 400,000-devices-per-day figure, up from 300,000 per day in December.

That growth in part is due to Android handsets being widely available and inexpensive to implement, as well as offering the basic smartphone experience of touchscreen, fast processor and multimedia features. Also in May, Android's worldwide market share reached 36 percent.

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  • Wonder how long it'll be before they stop listing Microsofts' phone sales in the stats & just bundle them in under "other o/s's"?