Google cleans up user interface on Gmail Offline, mobile web app

Google cleans up user interface on Gmail Offline, mobile web app

Summary: Google finally brings the mobile web app version of Gmail closer in line with the cleaner Android and iOS apps.


It's a big day for Gmail as Google is in the midst of refreshing both the mobile web app and offline editions today.

For the mobile web app, the clear idea is to bring the HTML5 version closer in line with the much cleaner, streamlined Android version as well as the recently rebooted apps for iPhone and iPad.

Furthermore, mobile web users on these devices (or perhaps accessing from other mobile browsers on the Kindle Fire along with BlackBerry handhelds) should be able to look forward to improved integration with Google Calendar.

According to the official Gmail page on Google Plus, these user interface updates are also being delivered to Gmail Offline.

Users should be able to see these changes soon -- if not immediately -- as many Gmail users have already commented on Google+ about the new look.

Screenshot via Google+

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  • it's better, not great

    but getting better.
  • let us disable threading in android gmail app

    will you ever, google?
  • Still scanning

    Gmail is still scan your email messages, no amount of interface make over will change that. I will stick with Yahoo Mail.
    • Yahoo doesn't?

      Are you sure and do you have proof?
    • Who do exactly the same thing

      So well done for slating google for something you're happy for yahoo to do.
      Little Old Man
    • I have some news for you

      Yahoo does it too, to help out with their search engine.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Google = Microsoft

    Whatever leanness and "not evi;" karma Google had, is gone.
  • When WILL Zdnet come down to earth.

    I hate to tell you, but I don't USE Google's interface, or I pods, or Gpads, or whatever.