Google Cloud Connect: a step-by-step guide

Google Cloud Connect: a step-by-step guide

Summary: The Cloud Connect plug-in lets people share offline Microsoft Office files with collaborators via Google Docs, without having to fire up the Google Docs web interface


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  • Download Google Cloud Connect beta

    Google has launched a public beta of Google Cloud Connect, a plug-in that gives the user a direct link to sync and share Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs.

    The testing programme began on Monday in the US, with other regions such as the UK to be added in early 2011. However, the beta has now been closed due to huge demand, the company said in a blog post.

    This screenshot shows the plug-in being downloaded.

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  • Google Cloud Connect plug-in installed

    The plug-in allows documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be available for collaboration in Google Docs, without reformatting them and without leaving Microsoft Office.

    This image shows the display after the plug-in has been installed and before login using Google credentials.

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