Google Cloud expands footprint into Asia Pacific zones

Google Cloud expands footprint into Asia Pacific zones

Summary: Google's game of cloud catch-up continues as it launches Asia Pacific zone to better compete with the likes of AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer, three rivals already in the region.

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Google expanded its enterprise cloud computing efforts into Asia Pacific with local language developer consoles.

The move gives Google Cloud Platform a broader reach. The company in a blog post said it has turned on two Asia zones with compute, storage and Cloud SQL supported.

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In recent weeks, Google has been on a tear launching new features and outlining a broad push to better to compete with leader Amazon Web Services.

Some analysts have argued that Google will be a key player along with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Google is playing catchup with its zones as AWS has had multiple Asia Pacific zones switched. Microsoft and IBM's SoftLayer are also in the region.

The Asia Pacific zones for Google's infrastructure will be available in Chinese and Japanese for developers to peruse documents and support. Google is also starting a roadshow in Asia Pacific to plug its services.

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Topics: Cloud, Google

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  • Rackspace and DigitalOcean?

    Other less notable players within close proximity to Google's regions are Rackspace HK and DigitalOcean in Singapore. I work at GenieDB, a distributed cloud database provider, and we distribute MySQL database across all these cloud infrastructures (Rackspace, DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure, Google, Softlayer). One thing to be noted is that somehow our customers (especially game developers) like using Google Cloud alot better. Thanks to Google, GenieDB today also switched on support of the two new Asia Pacific Google Cloud regions to provide geo-distributed cloud database!