Google confirms opening of Glass app store in 2014

Google confirms opening of Glass app store in 2014

Summary: The wearables war is on, and Google plans to be at the forefront.

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The Google Glass headset is currently in the claws of developers, but with commercial release around the corner, the tech giant has confirmed the opening of an app store in 2014.

Speaking to Marketing Land, a Google spokesperson confirmed plans to open a dedicated, official application store next year, after it the scheme was first reported in the New York Times over the weekend.

The author of the New York Times article writes:

Google confirmed those plans with us today, but the company declined to share any additional details like if the Glass app store would be part of Google Play or separate, and if developers will be able to charge for apps by the time the store opens. (The Glass API terms of service currently demands that developers offer apps for free, a policy that can't last forever.)

A 2014 launch date makes sense, considering that the Glass headset will be available commercially by then. In the meantime, a number of organizations and businesses have begun exploring how the wearable technology can be utilized; from the use of Glass in schools to assisting police forces on the street.

Until an official app store is launched by the tech giant, Glass developers are able to access a number of unofficial application directories online.

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Google is also investigating ways that profit can be made from Glass. In a recent patent, Google documents how the headset's eye tracker could be used for a "pay per gaze" system -- charging businesses when a user's attention becomes engaged by an advert.

Wearable technology is unlikely to stop there for the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm, as a recent report suggests Google has acquired WIMM Labs, a maker of technology-based wristwatches.

Topics: Apps, Google, Google Apps

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  • You know - the could win that wearable war more easily...

    If they actually had a product they were shipping to the general public through normal distribution channels at a price normal people could afford...

    Right now, there's what - 10,000 hand picked Glass owners out there all of whom live in one country who had to actually go to NY or SF to pick up their Glasses.

    That's not a market (or a product), that's a PR campaign.
    • Still early

      That's all still on its way. This is still the prototype/bug stomping stage in Glass' life. Right now the goal is to generate hype and interest while building up apps and working on the hardware/software. Think of this as the alpha stage.
      • You know how many products never make it out of Alpha?

        Or if they do they're fundamentally altered? There's a reason most companies don't even talk about BETA software.

        Since it wasn't Larry, Sergei, or anyone from Google[X] talking, it's pretty clear this is just some PR flack's way of keeping Google and Glass in the news during a week where Samsung, Microsoft, Nokian, and Apple all got lots of exposure.
  • Who's "Cupertino, Calif.-based"?

    Certainly not Google, they're in Mountain View, and WIMM is from Los Altos.