Google cuts more services; business users take the brunt

Google cuts more services; business users take the brunt

Summary: Google is on another round of service shutdowns: this time it's business users that will see services cut from the roster.


Search giant Google is cutting a handful of business and education related services from Google Apps to make way for bigger and better things. Or nothing, as the case may be.

More than 50 products, feature and services have seen changes over the past year, including merging and shutting down products to preserve the company's resources on lackluster ventures.

Google Apps is the search giant's enterprise communications and collaboration service, allowing enterprises, businesses small and large, and schools and colleges to outsource their platforms to the cloud. But all good things must come to an end, and starting from next month, some services will cease to exist.

To wit:

Google Apps for Teams started in 2008 and allowed Google Apps users, from business domains or hooked-up schools and colleges to collaborate over Google's non-email applications, such as Docs, Calendar, and Talk. It's shuttering citing reasons that it was "not as useful for people as [Google] originally anticipated]." Google Apps for Teams will close September 4, 2012.

Google Video for Business will see the chopping block come fall. Designed to allow business and education customers to use video for "internal communication," all videos will be migrated over to Google Drive -- rather than public-facing YouTube. Videos will not count against Google Drive's overall quota and will be stored for free. 

Also: Google Listen will cease to exist after November 1, 2012. First designed for podcast users back in 2009, Google said there are a variety of podcasting apps now available, along with a wide selection from Google Play, making the service redundant. 

Google is slashing the number of blogs it maintains in order to consolidate how it communicates with its users. With more than 150 blogs covering different services, the search giant said it will axe channels that are "either updated infrequently, or are redundant with other blogs" in the coming weeks and months, but will not scrimp on the information it dishes out through its blogs.

The firm will likely face a backlash from some -- such as those who continue to protest at the shutdown of iGoogle and enterprise-focused Google Mini -- but out of the smelting pot of service brewing have come some good things, namely Google Drive.

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  • This exactly why is Google pissing off corporate customers.

    How could you as corporate CIO implement any of the Google solutions, if you cant be sure, that it will be here tomorrow.
    Vysoké Podpatky
  • Products?

    Google 'products' are not real products; they are mostly few engineers' weekend projects.
  • Well I agree Google Drive is answer to most of these

    Shutdown "products", but how much guarantee Google gives its users (mostly SMBs) that the Google Drive or its derivatives will not be slashed in future?
    Ram U
    • True!

      I am learning not to trust Google. First the horrible gmail upgrade that went forward despite customers hating it. Then killing iGoogle, which is the one reason why Google is my homepage. Google seems to be increasingly working in a vacuum.

      Google Drive is OK, but is nothing to write home about. It does not seem to be a finished product, just like Google Music.
  • google drive? please tell me youve noticed that MS skydrive is superior to

    google drive in every way and is also cheaper. Nobody should be still using google drive at this point.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Why not?

      If you use a lot of Google products, Google Drive is a better choice.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • If you use a lot of Google products, you are putting yourself at risk

        About the only useful app that Google has kept for any length of time is GrandCentral. And, I have doubts about its long term comittment to it.
        Your Non Advocate
        • What risk is there with Google

          that there isn't with the others?

          Think about it for a moment.
          Michael Alan Goff
  • Business users literally don't lose a single piece of functionality....

    Video was the only service even related to Google Apps for Business users. They're not "killing video" ... played a video in Drive lately? It provides the same functionality. Create a folder for whatever video collection you'd like to upload and share and you're set.

    Thoughts on these high quality comments...

    SkyDrive ... is a consumer service. There is no business edition or central administration capabilities.
    Apps has an SLA. Published for everyone to see. It's been out there for years.
    Where are these pissed CIOs?