Google Docs, Gmail hit by service disruption; company says it's investigating

Google Docs, Gmail hit by service disruption; company says it's investigating

Summary: UPDATED 3. The search giant said it was "investigating reports" of issues with three of its main cloud-based productivity apps, following reports of sluggish or downed service.

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Google is currently investigating reports that a number of its business-related services are suffering downtime.

According to the company's status pages, two Google Apps services — Gmail, and Google Docs (including Google Presentations) — were experiencing a "service disruption" as of 10:25 am on the east U.S coast. An update more than an hour later confirmed that the delivery of some messages may be "delayed," while "attachments may fail to download."

According to Google, email delays are affecting less than half of all Gmail users. But Google noted that the remaining Gmail issues are only affecting an estimate 0.024 percent of the service's entire global user base. 

Anecdotal reports from the web and here in our New York newsroom suggest that some emails are taking longer to send and arrive than usual. Some Gmail accounts are simply failing to send any messages at all.

The company did not say how many Google Docs customers are affected by the disruption. Google later confirmed it would have additional updates at 2:45 pm (ET). We will update the piece as and when we get more.

We've put in questions to Google, but did not hear back at the time of writing. 

Topics: Cloud, Mobility

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  • That couldn't happen

    google is the best ever.
    • God himself couldn't sink this ship....

      Iceberg...right ahead!!!
      • the error I saw everywhere was

        ... recipient is "receiving mail at a rate that prevents additional messages from being delivered". I saw my emails bouncing back with this error from a number of different work and personal contacts, including a programmer friend who is extremely careful with spam.

        IMHO there's some deception here. It's not my recipient who's receiving mail at an unsustainable rate - it's Google's server.

        It's good to be king in the email space. It's not good to fumble the crown.
    • And...

      And how many outages is that so far for Google this past year? As per, there are 3 mentioned.
  • Just goes to prove...

    ANY cloud based service is prone to outages, any business that relies completely on the cloud should have their head examined.
    • Many examined heads...

      Google, Facebook, and Twitter all rely completely on the cloud. Should they have their heads examined?
  • Panic

    oh my god, emails arriving a bit slower.
    Slights service interruption, checking the news channels now.

    PS: Google apps business user.
    • Except that ...

      ... slow email is NOT THE REAL ISSUE.

      Guess what happened to the idiots who depend on Google Docs and had a deadline?? Or people who needed to respond to important time-critical emails?
  • GMail working the system?

    Curious. They upgraded it to an outage at 11:05, and then somehow it got downgraded to a "disruption" 40 minutes later, just 3 minutes before SLA-required credits would have kicked in.
    • Yup

      Playing with the numbers...
  • gmail or spyware

    I don't think this outage is performance related, but a purge of the system of spyware in case there are any lawsuits or investigations into Google and the NSA. Or maybe I'm paranoid?