Google Drive goes down, for some

Google Drive goes down, for some

Summary: Users of the Google Drive cloud storage service were left unable to access their documents on Monday due to an intermittent outage.

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Users of Google’s Drive cloud-storage service were left unable to access documents, pictures and other files stored on the service on Monday.



The problems surfaced at around 14:00GMT on Monday, when users of the service took to Twitter to complain that they were having problems accessing the service, although not all users are affected.

Around 20 minutes later, Google updated its Google Apps status page to say it was investigating reports of a problem with the service.

For some users, the inability to access Drive lead to knock-on problems accessing the Google Docs service, while others could log into Drive and create a new document, but not access previously created files.

In ZDNet's own testing, the inability to access the services seemed to persist across both free or paid-for Google Apps accounts. However, some personal accounts remained accessible if accessed via an app, rather than via the desktop.

Google had not responded with an explanation for the outage, or when it could expect to be fixed, at the time of writing.

Update: At 15:10GMT, Google updated its service status information page acknowleding the problem, and promising another update as to when it is expected to be fixed by around 16:10GMT.

"We're aware of a problem with Google Drive affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are unable to access Google Drive. We will provide an update by 3/18/13 4:10 PM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and may change," the company said.

Update 2: Google update its service status page at 15:55GMT to say Drive access had been restored for some users and should be restored for all within an hour.

Topics: Cloud, Google

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  • Hey, Google happens

    For those seeking a reliable alternative, there's always SkyDrive.
    Sir Name
    • Keep telling yourself that

      Skydrive also had issues last week during the outlook issue.. Can't claim reliable there.
      Anthony E
      • re: Keep telling yourself that

        I experienced the issue, but I had no problems with Skydrive.
        Sir Name
        • Been confermed by 2 diff sites.

          Anthony E
        • therefore no one else did either?

          My GDrive appears to work, but that is hardly an argument that no one else is having trouble
    • ... Outlook and hotmail went down

      what makes you think it won't happen to SkyDrive, too? I prefer DropBox myself, but saying that any of them is going to be more reliable, is asinine. Failures happen.
      • TBH, that's why I prefer having external harddrives

        There cheap, have lots of storage space, and easy to set up in Raid 1 configuration.
        • Yuppers.

          I have my own cloud too. ;-)
          Arm A. Geddon
    • remember

      Feb 29th and ssl certs amnesia?
  • interesting

    I wonder what happens to those business that depends on google drive now?
    • Hopefully companies don't put all their eggs in one basket.

      Arm A. Geddon
  • Google Drive goes down, for some

    Their linux boxes must have gone down proving how unreliable it really is. I'm waiting to see if ZDNet is going to give us 5 blogs on this down time or if they are going to give Google a free pass.
    • You do realize

      For as long as humans build applications, operating systems, network infrastructure, and anything that requires building and human computing, there are going to be outages, bugs, and errors. Linux, Windows, OSX...all of them be damned. It happens.
  • Just glad its back up

    at least for me right now. I've got homework I need to print off.
    Thorn Brier
  • Just checked and everything is working fine for me

    Oh, right, I use SkyDrive.

    Now, where are all those Linux fanatics who commented about how only MS services have outages?

    And yes, I actually like Google and Android (seriously considering a Note 2 and a Note 8) but I figured it was good to serve a bit of crow to those who clearly deserve it.
  • re: Just checked and everything is working fine for me

    "Now, where are all those Linux fanatics who commented about how only MS services have outages?"

    Sound of crickets chirping in the night.
    Sir Name
  • The beauty of "the cloud"

    These big companies cloud solutions should be almost bullet proof, I wonder if a small company could maintain a private cloud with better reliability.... and also cheaper.
    • This I agree with

      "These big companies cloud solutions should be almost bullet proof"

      There are clearly still far too many single point of failures in today's cloud infrastructures today to fully realize the potential that is there.

      In the meantime, businesses need to have a plan in place to mitigate the outages that WILL happen, no matter what vendor you use.
    • Typically

      Big companies have to deal with big troubles. They invest a lot to maintain reasonable performance.

      With much less investment, a smaller company can have better reliability. It's oversubscription ration will always be better.
  • ....and SkyDrive, then...

    I've attended at least 3 official Microsoft Demo's where SkyDrive was not available. And we should complain about Google?
    Leo Regulus