Google extends Vault availability for e-discovery

Google extends Vault availability for e-discovery

Summary: The e-discovery tool is now available for more longstanding Google Apps customers, the company has announced. However, those who bought in Google Apps through a reseller will still need to wait for access.

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Google has made its e-discovery service, Vault, available to more Google Apps users.

Google Apps Vault, launched back in March, lets users preserve and search through emails that could be relevant in the case of a lawsuit. At the time, it was made available to new and recent Google Apps customers only, but now more long-standing users also get a look-in.

"Starting today, Vault is available to existing Apps customers that purchased Google Apps online, directly from Google. Vault is also now available to Google Apps for Education customers," Google enterprise product manager Jerry Hong said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Those who purchased Google Apps through a reseller before 1 August this year still cannot enable Vault, but Hong said that access would be granted at some point.

Hong explained that educational institutions may find Vault useful for responding to open records requests. For other organisations, he pointed out, the tool may be useful for evaluating the status of an employee's projects, when the employee leaves.

Vault is an add-on to existing Apps accounts, costing an additional $5 per user per month.

Topics: Google, Cloud

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