Google Glass 'explorers' start getting 'private updates' about pre-orders

Google Glass 'explorers' start getting 'private updates' about pre-orders

Summary: Anyone who pre-ordered Google Glass might want to keep an eye on their mailboxes...but not for what you might expect.

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After Google Glass was unveiled during the I/O keynote in San Francisco just a few weeks ago, some more hints about the futuristic spectacles are starting to trickle down.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Google Glass team sent out an email to anyone who pre-ordered the device at the Moscone West convention center in June.

In that email, Google Glass "explorers" were sent a copy of Google+ post (seen below) from Google co-founder Sergey Brin along with some instructions on how to get private updates about the Glass project using their Google+ accounts.


But it's not just email inboxes that Glass explorers might want to keep an eye on. Earlier today, I received a mysterious package, with Google's Mountain View headquarters labeled as the return address.

Inside, there was no note, but just a simple blue box with blue silk lining on the inside, cushioning a thick glass paperweight with just a 4-digit number imprinted.


At first glance, I was quite puzzled. I couldn't tell if it was some viral marketing or finally my chance at a first clue to go on a quest just like Indiana Jones.

Unfortunately, one of my co-workers burst that bubble by suggesting it was likely something to do with Google Glass -- perhaps a confirmation number of sorts. I pinged the Google Glass team immediately, but I haven't received a response yet.

Nevertheless, the timing of the arrival of this package this morning followed by the email this afternoon all fits too nicely into place for it to mean anything else.

Note that financial information still hasn't been asked of most (if any) Google Glass explorers yet. Furthermore, Google Glass is not expected to ship (in beta mode) until next year some time.

Topic: Google

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  • My guess is he gets more than the lame 5GB of free space on google drive to

    upload photos to :). How long would it take to fill it with one pic every 10 seconds? Would he have crashed off the side of the road not to be found for weeks had a big out of space toast popped up distracting him on a curve?
    Johnny Vegas
    • that is a great point

      you would need a format where it takes the picture removes the diff from the previous picture and then stores it in a format that can be sent to the server later and uncompressed. There is also software that looks at a picture and judges how important it is to keep and will remove the duplicate ones and flag the ones with new faces.
      Christopher Mayfield
  • I was under the impression...

    That everyone who preordered a Google Glass set got one of those glass slabs with their order number engraved on them. There were photos of them at the time of the conference...
    The Werewolf!
  • Shortage

    During IO they ran out of the blocks so everyone else who pre-ordered were to have their shipped.