Google Glass finally goes on sale to everyone as bug fixes roll out

Google Glass finally goes on sale to everyone as bug fixes roll out

Summary: Glass goes into a more open beta - does this mean a consumer launch is imminent?

TOPICS: Google, Android, iOS

Google has opened up its Glass Explorer program to the public, offering anyone in the US a chance to get their hands on one of the networked headsets ahead of a wider consumer launch for the product.

Google's Glass team said on Tuesday that it's moved to a "more open beta" that will see the eyewear put up for general sale. "We're still in the Explorer Program while we continue to improve our hardware and software, but starting today anyone in the US can buy the Glass Explorer Edition, as long as we have it on hand," the Glass team said in a blogpost.

The announcement follows an event last month that saw Google offer Glass to the general public for a single day.

A week after the one-day sale, it followed up with what appeared to be another offer open to the general public; however, Google later clarified that the second offer was only meant to "accommodate potential Explorers who were still in the pipeline from last week".

As Google highlighted earlier this month, it's opening up the program to improve the beta, ahead of a wider consumer launch. Exactly when that will be has been a moving target. While hints from the company suggested a full alpha release somewhere between late 2013 and early 2014, Google hasn't yet to put a firm date on when Glass will have an official full-scale consumer launch.

This week's sale comes ahead of Google's I/O conference scheduled for 25 June in San Francisco, the annual meet-up where it first unveiled Glass in 2012.

Google hasn't revealed how many Glass sets were made available for each of the sales, but earlier this month it said the response to the one-day event in April was so overwhelming that, supplies were depleted before the day was out.

"We've since built our inventory back up and plan to continue to accelerate new ways to expand the program in the weeks and months ahead," the Glass team said.

Google has also resumed regular firmware updates for the headset after taking a four-month hiatus until the April 2014 release of XE 16, which brought KitKat to Glass and trimmed unpopular features. On Tuesday it released XE 17.1 to fix a few bugs in the previous releases.

Google said to "stay tuned" for more information about updates XE 17 and XE 17.1.

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Topics: Google, Android, iOS

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  • Today is the day ..

    That the US is re-defined as 'everyone' -.-
    • Where have you been?

      It's been that way for 40 years.

      Only Americans who have travelled actually believe there is a world ... the others think it's a dinosaur-infested swamp.

      [I'm joking ... well, exaggerating, anyway ;-) ]
    • Yup

      To an American, the US is the world.
      But, probably best place in the world to get a passport quickly. Never any queues........
  • Google Glass finally goes on sale to everyone as bug fixes roll out

    Users can pay Google $1500 for a beta device that doesn't do anything more than their current cell phone does. Google glass is such a scam. They are one step closer to cancelling this project like many of their other projects.
    • beat me to it

      and has so few apps that it's amazing that we even talk about it. Glass has potential, but it really, really sucks, now.
      • Same thing could be said about windows phone.

        for ages it had a tiny number of apps.. but people like LoveCrock championed it anyway.. they still have more than half a million apps less than google and Apple.. Does that mean they shouldn't get a chance either?

        Wish these comments would actually be limited to people who have actually tried them and were speaking from a position of knowledge rather than from ignorance.
        • The problem with your analogy is that, Windows Phone is actually superior

          to Android, while Google Glass is just, "superior junk".

          BTW, how many more than 250,000 do WP users need? Fact is that, when it comes to the apps that people want and need, all of the smartphone competing OSes already have them. Meanwhile, Google Glass is still looking for a reason to even exist.
          • Not true

            Remote app for my TV box - not on windows phone. App to control my residential alarm - not for WP, the same about - I confess cheap - video surveillance. The Pioneer av receiver, again no windows phone application...
            I know these are very specific and not paramount apps, but it would be annoying if my phone was running windows.
            Sometimes consumers should be "brave" and choose the underdog to promote better competition, but I'm not seeing that happening.
          • AleMartin: You said it yourself, and what matters to you, is very likely

            not even noticed by the majority of users of smartphones out there.

            You're one strange animal.

            For the vast majority of normal people in the world, what they need or want, is already represented in the Windows apps count.
          • I would say 80% of people with WP

            Will face a "only for android or iOS" issue. Maybe not a big deal in most cases but still annoying.
            I agree that the biggest problem for WP these days is more about the widely reported, lack of quality applications than the number of them.

            About 2 millions AV receivers are sold in the US per year, that's about 2 times more than WP devices, and there is no single major hi-fi brand that I know of, making apps for WP.
            AV receivers are just a drop in the ocean of things without good WP apps.

            I'm a strange animal, but WP users are a lot more exotic it seems :-)
    • yeah.. but I ran into a tree when I taped my phone over my eye.

      I'd love one, but if I'm paying I'll wait for one with a higher res display, better battery life and a physical slide cover over the front camera to reassure people.

      I'm wondering LoveCrock, have you actually tried one or are you as usual talking from your posterior?
      • So... Can you explain why you would need or want Google Glass?

        What real purpose in your daily life would be served by such a device? Is there something lacking in your smartphone that Google Glass will serve?

        And, why do people need to have tried something before they can comment on it? Some things can automatically be deemed bad ideas without having tried them. Have you ever tried to do like gorillas do? I mean, they sometimes eat their own poop. Some researchers speculate that, it's healthy for them, because, they're re-consuming fiber which they were losing via their poop. If you haven't tried it, don't knock it.
        • Are you defending LD?!

          I like his style - polite and not arrogant.
          But let's be sincere the level of intelligence found on his posts is close to zero (and please pay attention I'm not saying he is not intelligent).
          • AleMartin: Actually, LD's posts make a milllion times more sense than

            yours, and whether he's polite or arrogant, has nothing to do with the content of his comments, which are, like I said, many times more sensible and coherent than yours.

            Intelligence is something you might be equipped to handle in a sentence, but it's something that is absent from your comments and knowledge. You're just a shill for all things Android, and Android is a mess of an OS. BTW, I say that as an Android user, which I have with my LG G2. Too bad such a nice smartphone doesn't have a better OS to go with it.
          • Find a post from me where I was proved wrong

            I will do the same exercise for you and LD :-)
          • This is not rhetorical

            I'm serious, I dare you - search is there to assist you.