Google Glass trade-in program includes a new earbud accessory

Google Glass trade-in program includes a new earbud accessory

Summary: At least the sound should be better on the next generation of Glass.


If there was one thing you thought was missing from the Google Glass prototype that launched earlier this year, what would it be?

If an earbud was your answer, then not only might you be alone, but you'll also be delighted to know that your dreams are coming true.

Just yesterday, the Internet giant announced that it would be opening up the Google Glass Explorer program to referrals as well as offer a "one-time" trade-in program soon.

The latter of which is starting to take precedence now that the Google Glass team has published what looks to be the first images of the next version of the smart spectacles.

Other than the promised hardware update, there aren't any other details about the upgraded version of Glass -- except for the additional "mono earbud" unveiled today, which will be offered to Glass Explorers when they can swap in their current prototypes at an unknown date later this year.

It's questionable how much this adds to the fashion statement spoken by Glass -- not to mention if this opens the flood gates for attachments to smart glasses. (Isn't one of the ideas with wearables to reduce and simplify how much tech we have to carry around?)

Otherwise, the exterior design doesn't look any different yet.

Either way, hopefully this means that the audio quality on the next iteration of Glass will be better...right?


Images via Google

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  • Their Glasses

    But, if you actually look around at real people in the world (and not just paid models in a promo), those real people mostly wear glasses to correct vision problems. A very large percentage of the population actually need to wear corrective lenses. That makes Googles' glasses unusable. The Google Glasses don't seem to allow for the corretive lenses needed to navigate out in the real world and most everybody who needs corrective lenses are not going to be able to use the tiny little screen anyway. Who's missing what here?
    • Contacts?

      I think what your missing is your contacts.

      Wow, isn't great how some people just go ahead and post comments without knowing if their facts are right? Google has already announced that this version of Google Glasses and all subsequent ones will be able to be worn with corrective lenses and sunglasses. Do some research before you just assume things!
      Andrew Budzinski
  • Google Glass Girls

    The actual device is a little too geeky for me. But those Google Glass girls...they need to get their own calendar.
  • New Earpiece

    Correct me if i am wrong, but i thought that Glass used bone conducting technology, thus eliminating the need for an in ear pierce?