Google introduces image search and support for new gestures in Chrome

Google introduces image search and support for new gestures in Chrome

Summary: Users of Google's Chrome browser on the desktop will be able to search by image, while Chrome on Android gains support for a wider range of gesture controls.

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Google has introduced several new features for its Chrome browser, bringing image search to the desktop and gesture support to Android devices.

The latest version of Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, version 30, allows users to "search by image". Right clicking on an image will bring up an option to search using the image.

The search by image feature in Chrome. Image: Google

Other updates to the desktop browser include fixes for 50 vulnerabilities, including 10 high priority patches, and other "stability" fixes.

The latest build of Chrome for Android introduces new ways for users to control the browser using gestures.

Users can switch tabs by swiping the tab bar horizontally, open the tab switcher by swiping down from the toolbar and open drop down menus by swiping down over them and then navigate through them by dragging a finger to the desired item.

The gestures that are now supported in Chrome on Android devices. Image: Google

Chrome automatically updates for Windows and Mac OS users, Linux users can update Chrome using a package manager.

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