Google I/O: New looks for Android

Google I/O: New looks for Android

Summary: Google introduces a makeover for Android, which aims to unify the Web, desktop, your phone and wearable devices.


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Topics: Google, Android, Google Apps

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  • stealing from competitors

    Who uses Google 'Desktop' and wearable...apparently nobody! Glass is a colossal failure...
    • Time for your medication Owlie

      Then off to bed like to good boy.
  • Looks like everyone is definitely doing the flat thing

    I actually rather like the new icon looks for this... Maybe I am just used to Flat now.
    • Does seem to be the current trend, doesn't it?

      I think it looks quite nice too.
      Google are long overdue on the unified look across Android and Chrome. They've been dropping little updates, but be nice to get the whole new look.
    • Metro everywhere... design trend that Microsoft actually set.
      • I wasn't a big fan of it at first

        starting to grow on me a bit. However, there's some distinct differences in how they've all done it. Microsoft's iteration changed the emphasis to typography - beautiful clear type.

        Apple went for vectorization of icons - simple lines and gradients. Google has done flat the most literally. Their new iconography has the look of something that's been pressed in books. It looks neat.
        • Actually...

          Google is doing flat with depth with their "Material" framework.
          Rann Xeroxx
    • Flat

      If you ask me it reminds me of that piece of crap we call the Windows 8 interface.
      • Must not have been crap...

        ... if everyone is now doing it.
        Rann Xeroxx
  • Google I/O: New looks for Android

    A few of the pics look like they had tiles and as I have read on ZDNet people hate tiles. At least they do when Microsoft uses them.
    • its fine...

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

      And they already been there done that taking Active Desktop from one of the earlier Windows versions - they're called 'widgets' these days :)
    • Tiles

      Tiles are fine on a 4" to 10" device. They are terrible on dual 30" monitors. Microsoft screwed up by trying to force the tiles on the desktop.

      If I could replace my desktop icons with small active tiles, I may like them. Having a separate launch screen with tiles doesn't work for me. I like having many windows open at the same time. In short, if we could have a hybrid tile and desktop I think it would grow on me. I do use Windows 8 because I like the speed improvements, but I have installed Start Menu 8 to try to completely hide the tile launcher window.

      I generally hate full screen applications on my desktop. In my opinion, the Metro/Modern interface failed for professionals by pushing the tile launcher window and full screen applications.
      • I agree the metro needs scalability

        The desktop isn't going away in production environments especially where multi tasking is critical to use.
        I think it is cute that Google chooses to imitate and redefine what MS laid the groundwork for.
        Christopher Moor
      • Tiles need improvement

        I really do not have a problem bumping into the start screen for a start menu replacement, afterall, I am focused on selecting a app and don't really need anything displaying on my screen for the few seconds that its up. But with that said, the tiles as they are lack. I would like to have a small icon tile with a label next to it, like in the All Apps screen, but customizable like on the start screen. I would also like to have live tiles that do not flip... just give me the live information. I also want live tiles that I can make any size with live information like one with all my email listed or calendar. And let me choose the color or allow me to make them transparent so they are like icons again.
        Rann Xeroxx
  • Stuck in old version

    But you can't upgrade like iOS. I'm stuck with Jelly Bean. There's no upgrade path. There's no "click here" to download and run upgrade.
    • Re: Stuck in old version

      Upgrading the OS with Android is much easier and you don't need to click a download link. You simply buy a new more up to date device every two years. You get the latest software and more capable hardware. (No I'm not sarcastic.) This is a perfectly reasonable expectation given how cheap most Android devices are, premium devices being an exception.
      • Not acceptable

        No it is not acceptable to upgrade devices every two years. Its just *you* and those like you who think the latest is the greatest when they arent!

        I would rather have my sidekick2, with ported android, or a faster sidekick2, like 2b or some such. The device as laid out was damned near perfect ... just slow compared to current revision devices.

        The problem with replacing is that everyone in the design craft seems to think that new phones don't just mean updated hardware and so they revamp the ENTIRE thing rather than just refresh the specs!

        And while we're on this unification bullsht ... hey Google, how about one god damned keyboard layout with standard keys the same.. I go to one phone, the @ symbol is on a key of its own, I go to another its on the S key, another on the A key... the same thing happens for the bang ! the slash / and dash - keys too..

        You do realize google, that QWERTY stuck around because its proven to be damned near correct ... X key is where it is based on use and hand placement. Y & T are where they are, dot . and comma, , where they are.. and its been what? one hundred and forty years? .... damn they must be doing all wrong if qwerty is still what we use today.. Right?

        The only excuse for these idiot developers is the space they have for what they present ... there's FOUR rows of keys, a Fifth Special row, and that's it.

        And we bring this back to devices...

        SideKick / SideKick 2 were easier to type on than even your precious SSSsswipe bullsht. And because it was my human brain typing, not your computer smarts trying to figure out is it "her" "here" or "get" I was trying to swipe (for gods sake in all holy or unholly hells you even showed me I started with H for *her*) and my own brain can think faster and be corrected easier than your "did you mean" interruptions that have now added "ood" (thank you Dr Who) and "yesssss" (thank you villinesssses of the comic world) to an ever growing dictionary to now prompt at me when I'm being odd and say the simple yes.

        You only had to deal with the imperfections of swipe, because you people wanted thinner and decided a full, thumb-ly-operated keyboard was unattractive or too much like what.. kids playing thumb war? and so supposedly that failed interface now brings you a flat keyboard that has NO detent for F and J (yeah go on, look at your physical keyboard.. that dot or dash that's been worn like mole hills in the middle of a wind storm) so that you don't know where you're starting from.. but oh yes.. thank you for wondering yet again, did I meant to type get or her when I started and you've shown me you're starting the H .. yeah. thank you everyone else for bringing us this every two year redo even if all we needed was the refresh.
        • Um,

          TG2 said "You do realize google, that QWERTY stuck around because its proven to be damned near correct"

          And you, TG2, do realize that the QWERTY keyboard was created to obfuscate the keyboard so that fast typists of the time would be using keys from different sides of the typewriter to limit the key movement because the mechanical typewriter couldn't keep up with practiced speed typers due to the key arms getting tangled.

          Ergonomically speaking, the Dvorak keyboard layout is the best for speed and people who have learned on it end up typing much faster than those who use the QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • Copycats

    Looks a whole like like Windows Phone to me, tiles and all. Not sure at all I would want this crap on my Galaxy S4, that said, with at&t updates, it might never get to me
  • ugly

    It's a conglomeration of the ugliest features of windows tiles, and apples drop stack with drop shadows. I hope Ubuntu phone becomes available soon so I can defect from Android.