Google lets Google Glass owners 'invite a friend' to join Explorer program

Google lets Google Glass owners 'invite a friend' to join Explorer program

Summary: Google is expanding its Glass Explorer program with a Gmail-like invite campaign.

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Great Debate

Will Google Glass face adoption challenges due to privacy concerns?

Will Google Glass face adoption challenges due to privacy concerns?

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Google's ground-breaking product.

Google has launched a minor campaign to get more people to join its Google Glass Explorer program by allowing some winners of its recent #ifihadglass competition to invite a friend to try out the networked specs too.

In the fashion of Google's old "invite a friend" strategy for Gmail, Google is trialling a similar campaign for Glass through the up to 8,000 people offered the chance to buy the early edition of Glass.

Some Glass owners in the US on Tuesday reported being sent an email from Google's Glass Support team that allows them to extend an invite to join Google's Glass Explorer campaign to one friend. Ryan Mott, apparently the first to report having received the email, posted details on his Google+ profile.

Recipients are able to "invite one friend into the Glass Explorer Program" who must be a US resident, aged over 18 years, and be able to pick up Glass in San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles.

According to Google's Glass community manager, Sarah Price, recipients of the extended invites would need to pay the standard Explorer Edition price of $1,500 plus tax.

Answering questions on Mott and another recipient's Google+ page, Price also noted that the campaign was "an experiment", so only some Explorers were offered the chance to invite a friend. To the disappointment of some, Price also confirmed yesterday that there no more invite emails are going out.

It's not clear why Google launched the short-lived 'invite a friend' experiment, given the level of mystique and desire the product already has. It comes as Google gears up for the commercial release of Glass expected either later this year or in 2014.

Google is expected to soon release the SDK for Glass, known as the GDK, which lets developers build apps that run on Glass and in the meantime, since Glass runs on Android, Google is encouraging developers to try out the Android SDK to build native apps for Glass.

Topics: Google, Hardware

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    Imagine being so lucky as to be able to buy a piece of equipment for $1,500 that will likely be replaced by better, less buggy kit once the company works out the kinks.