Google Maps charts 3D Earth view

Google Maps charts 3D Earth view

Summary: An update to Google Maps enables users to view 3D images of Stonehenge, the Lake District and other places using Google Earth within their browser


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  • In certain urban areas with plenty of tall buildings, such as New York (pictured), the 3D view can be seen from a low level.

    The images can be navigated by using the on-screen menu, or with a mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Other areas, such as Stonehenge (pictured), highlight the contrast between 3D objects and flat low-resolution backgrounds.

  • The 3D Earth view also can also overlay numbered roads and streets on the image, as shown in this image of London.

    The overlay is similar to the other display modes on Google Maps. However, the Google Earth view does not provide features found in standard Google Maps, such as directions. It also does not include the flight simulator, tours and other features in the standalone Google Earth application.

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  • how can i log in to the 3d map
  • This site is very good for earth search .

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  • how to use this 3d map so that i can see my place