Google names Chrome OS hardware partners

Google names Chrome OS hardware partners

Summary: The search and advertising giant has named the companies it will work with to develop hardware to support its Chrome operating system


Google has named the hardware companies that will make products tailored for its recently announced Chrome operating system.

Chrome OS, which will be Linux-based, was introduced by Google on Tuesday. The operating system will be lightweight and initially run on netbooks, although it is also being built for desktop PCs, according to the company.

Manufacturers including Acer, Adobe, Asus, Freescale, HP, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Toshiba will work with Google in the designing and building of devices running the Chrome OS. Google revealed the list of hardware partners in a blog post on Wednesday.

The company also called for developers for Chrome OS in the blog post, which was written by Sundar Pichai, a vice-president of product management, and Linus Upson, engineering director.

The call was two-fold. Google is currently recruiting developers interested in working on the Chrome OS, including those in the UK. In addition, the company announced it is "looking forward to working with the open source community" when the OS becomes open sourced later this year.

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