Google Nexus 10 tablet to have higher-res display than iPad

Google Nexus 10 tablet to have higher-res display than iPad

Summary: Samsung is working with Google on a high-end 10-inch tablet that will have a higher-resolution display than the iPad, according to an analyst, who also said manufacturing of a $99 tablet will begin in December.


Google is gearing up to launch a 10.1-inch tablet that will be manufactured by Samsung, according to an analyst.

Google Nexus 7
Google is reportedly working on a 10-inch follow-up to its Nexus 7 tablet. Image: CNET

The Nexus tablet will not be a budget affair like the Nexus 7, and will instead be a Samsung-branded premium product, NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim told ZDNet's sister site CNET News.

"It's going to be a high-end device," Shim said, quoted in the story published on Monday. "They'll partner with Samsung and co-brand it with Samsung."

The Nexus device will have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, which is a PPI (pixels per inch) of around 299, surpassing the iPad's 264 PPI, Shim said. A higher number of pixels per inch results in a better image on screen.

Google had not responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.

However, it makes sense that Google would think about working more closely with Samsung, given their existing relationship in launching the co-branded Nexus smartphone.

It also fits with Google's stated plans to deliver a range of Nexus devices from different manufacturers — the Google Nexus 7 was manufactured by Asus, and LG is rumoured to be working with Google on its next Nexus smartphone. Shim said his information comes from reliable "supply chain indications".

As well as revealing details about the Nexus 10, Shim said Google is working towards the release of a $99 tablet, the manufacturing of which is due to begin in December.

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  • Any sales numbers on the Nexus 7 yet?

    We are still waiting to see if the Nexus 7 was an actually success or not. And the only way to determining is for Google/Asus to release the sales numbers. Wonder why they won't? It will also give us an idea how well this more expensive 10" Nexus from Samsung will do. Specs are not what consumers are looking at when buying these tablets, the iPad currently have a great screen and is pretty fast and fluid.
    • For a rough estimate

      check the android dashboard. The dashboard reflects accesses to the play store in the last 15 days.

      Very few devices except the nexus 7 are running 4.1 so lets say 1.5% are nexus 7s.

      Its tough to know how many total devices have google play access but google reports 500 million devices activated as of september.

      Then maybe 10million 'unactivated' android devices on top of that, so lets leave that out.

      But you might guess they have therefore sold around 8 million nexus 7 as a rough estimate. Even 1% of 4.1 would be 5 million.
    • Numbers

      I haven't heard but I bought a Nexus 7 and absolutely love it. I am a Windows guy through and through but bought a Kindle Fire in the spring while travelling through the US and liked it but I had to root it to make it useful for me up here in Canada, Unfortunately it got stolen in an airport last week and I couldn't get down to the US to get a Kindle Fire HD (they won't even ship one to Canada) so off to Futureshop and get they only 7" tablet they had. The Samsung 7" was available here but the specs on the Nexus were so much better for the price.
  • The [Samsung]Nexus[10] tablet will not be a budget affair like the Nexus 7

    The OHA [Android] tablet manufacturers still haven't learned their lesson.

    One can hope that there will soon be a Nexus 9 that *will* be a budget affair.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • With 48% tablet market

      owned by android based tablets (yes, the fire included) I don't think anybody has to learn a lesson.

      Unlke blackberry and WebOS, an android based tablet does not depend on its own success to succeed by establshing a well stocked app market and ecosystem - a catch-22.

      Its just a product that they can sell some of like TV sets and make some profit. They don't need to sell ipad like quantities to be worthwile.
      • And yet Android tablets represent only 5-10% of usage

        What are those other tablets doing?
        • Exactly, what IS iPad's marketshare?

          You got it Bruizer, it is 90-95%, well within monopoly range.
          • iPad good deal

            Ipad got a really good position. Almost all webpages work as good or better on the iPad with safari than on a windows PC. The huge number of quality apps are amazing and iPad integrate splendid with other Apple devices. Windows tables are generally more expensive, lower resolution screens, heavier and unproven compared to the iPad. Also with iPad you got access to Apple propritary sevices as well as services found other devices.

            I think it is good that iPad can undermine the windows monopoly and forcing hardware and software services to adjust to a world also outside of windows.
          • blissful ignorance

            No, ipad Safari doesn't work with websites anywhere near as good as most windows browsers.
            Can't even open a ton of websites in desktop mode on ipad safari so to say that it does as well or better than most windows browsers is just blissful ignorance.
        • Does that usage include Amazon?

          The stats I've seen were based on a set of websites ... with the Kindle Fire default browser proxying through Amazon's servers (via their Silk approach), i wonder of any of those accesses even get counted.

          I also would like to see a refresh on those stats - the ones I've seen are from earlier this year ... do you have more recent stats?
        • Because the usage statistics are incorrect

          Many android tablets use browsers that have "ipad" or in some cases as an "iphone" set as their default user agent, so when they visit a website they report that they are an Ipad/Iphone.

          Don't you find it odd that a tablet with 60ish% market sales somehow represents 95% of web usage?
          • User Agents

            actually, the opposite.
            A lot of android tablets use browsers in desktop mode and have the browser user agent set as desktop. Therefore it doesn't get count as an android client whereas every ipad gets counted as an ipad. Having the user agent set as android is not even the default in most android stock browsers, so it is not surprising the reported number is very low.
          • Not odd to me.

            With an iPad you can actually get something done. With Android you spend all of your time rooting it, chasing malware, looking for that one app that doesn't crash every 5 seconds, trying to convince everyone that Flash is alive and well and trying to find britches with pockets big enough to stick the thing in your back pocket so you can sit on it and break it into a thousand pieces.
          • My Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread works intensively with no problem at all

            "gribittmep" 06:17, my Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 (essentially a 4.0in Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread phone without phone connection, thus relying on WiFi, whence its name and its low price) is used daily, intensively, I install a lot of apps, I never had a crash or reinstall or slowdown or whatever. A great change over Windows - and maybe over REAL Mac or iPhone (no matter Apple's skillful grassroot buzz).

            (Background: I have used Windows all versions from 3.1 to W7 Ultimate, and 3 mobile versions (Windows CE1, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 6.5), and will probably buy the Galaxy Note 2 when it comes. I have programmed in many OSes and languages from BASIC and FORTRAN 4 to all flavors of UNIX)

            Versailles, Wed 10 Oct 2012 19:07:00 +0200
            Michel Merlin
        • Re: And yet Android tablets represent only 5-10% of usage

          Presumably that would be WEB usage, not APP usage. Perhaps Ipad users are making more use of web apps, while Android tablet users make more use of native apps, because it's easier to write Android than IOS apps that work across a range of form factors.
          • You keep telling yourself that

            Android might be easier to develope for different form factors but more developers are working on iOS apps.
        • What are they doing? I'll tell you!

          They're all sitting in the closet collecting dust because Android is a piece of crap.
    • It's not the entire tablet market...

      A market for high-end tablets exists, and Google is addressing it. People buy new iPads after all, and now that products like the Nexus 7 have put Android tablets on the map (and caused tablet-ready app development to explode) there is also a place for a premium product.

      Google is also going after the really low-end market with the upcoming $99 tablet. There is no reason to believe that they won't also have something for the $300 price point established by the new 9" Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD tablets; it's just not ready yet.
      • Yeah, that strategy has really worked well

        Flood the market with all kinds of different models and make little or no profit on any of them.
  • To what benefit other than a pundit checkbox?

    For the sake of argument, if someone released a tablet with 1K dpi, would it matter? Is it better? No, because of diminishing returns. Already, if you cannot distinguish the pixels at normal usage distance from your eyes, what is the point? The only reason seems to be for the ol' 'speeds and feeds' mindset. No benefit but looks better on a comparison sheet.