Google Now, coming to a desktop near you via Chrome beta

Google Now, coming to a desktop near you via Chrome beta

Summary: The notification system that will tell you when you need to be somewhere is now coming to desktops as well as mobile

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The desktop version of Google's intelligent personal assistant, Google Now, is due this week.

Google Now is a virtual assistant that aims to anticipate any information users may need from weather reports to football scores or flight delays.

According to Google, users of the Canary build of the Chrome browser have been able to access a test desktop version of Google Now for some time, but now it will be available for Chrome on Windows and Apple OS X, as well as Chrome OS.

Google Now has been available for Android and iOS for some time.

Reports suggest that the much anticipated version for Linux users will not be part of the announcement.

Issues of compatibility between different notification systems could be one of the issues. 

Google Now notifications in Chrome will just be available in English initially, with other languages supported soon, according to the company's blogpost.

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  • Hey look!

    A WinXP solution!

    (puts on helmet)
  • Nice one guys!

    I predict it will be as big a hit on desktops as it has been on mobile - great stuff.

    Now, just port Google Voice outside of Northern America and this will be a good year for me :-)
    • Never understood

      what the fuss is about, it just shows me how long it takes to get to work and what the weather is... It doesn't seem to do much else, there were some "example" cards that were mostly useless...