Google Now notifications head for Chrome

Google Now notifications head for Chrome

Summary: Google is experimenting with a new feature in Chrome that would see contextual Google Now notification cards pop up in the widely used browser.

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Google is experimenting with putting Google Now features into its Chrome browser.


Google Now, which debuted in Android 'Jelly Bean' 4.1, is in some ways the company's answer to Apple's Siri. It is also a voice-driven personal assistant, but one that plugs into Google's context-driven Knowledge Graph project to provide functionality ranging from travel alerts to sports team scores, all presented on timed 'cards'.

It now seems that these notifications will make their way into Google's browser, Chrome. On Friday, the Chromium team (Chromium is the open-source project that feeds into Chrome) posted a note mentioning the creation of a "skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation".

Google confirmed to ZDNet sister site CNET that it was working on the project, although it suggested that the feature was experimental.

Chrome is the most widely-used browser in the world, having overtaken Internet Explorer earlier this year. It is also the basis for the Chrome OS, which powers the Chromebook line.

On mobile devices, Google has already brought some Now functionality to iOS, Windows 8 and BlackBerry through its search app. The integration into Chrome suggests that notifications around Google services could become increasingly prevalent on such devices, where the Chrome browser is supported (such as on iOS).

Topics: Google, Browser

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  • Google Now ties into everything Google will do

    Google Now is central to its personal search strategy: is there anything you need now, soon, related to this teleconference, to prepare for the next teleconference, pacing back and forth in front of your monitors, in the airport, on the plane. Do you have to tell Chrome to load all your working papers into offline memory?

    Hell no!

    If you want your secretary back from a the time before PCs. She's back if you opt in.
  • FYI

    Fyi, Google Now is not the same thing as Google Voice search. They are part of the same app in Android, but they're different products.
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