Google opens new office in Berlin

Google opens new office in Berlin

Summary: Google has just opened new premises in the German capital - its third office in the country - which will play home to the search giant's marketing, sales and lobbying efforts.

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Search giant Google has opened a new office in Berlin.

Google opened the 1,200 sq metre office, which will house 25 employees, on Wednesday night, with Hans-Joachim Otto, state secretary of the Ministry of Economics and Technology, on hand to welcome Google to the German capital.

The Berlin office is Google's third after Hamburg and Munich, which house 700 staff between them.

According to Philipp Schindler, VP of global business operation at Google, the new office "will be the face of Google in Berlin".

The official office opening this week. Image: Google

"We are in Berlin to inform the politicians and the public about our company and our products," he said. According to German daily Der Spiegel, the office on Unter den Linden will house sales, marketing and lobbying operations.

As well as housing its own operations, Google is planning to use the office to host additional events such as Innovators@Google, a place to discuss the start-up scene in Berlin. 

Berlin has turned into a hub of the German start-up scene over the last few years, thanks to historically low rents and a strong community of music, fashion or design workers that technology companies can make use of. However, it remains dogged by accusations of hype and suggestions that a bubble is developing around the start-ups scene.

Topics: Google, EU

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  • Smart...

    Considering how much of a nightmare the German courts have proved to be for Google/Android it's a smart move to start trying some good-ol American style lobbying of the Bundestag.