Google Play for Android gets a dash of Material Design

Google Play for Android gets a dash of Material Design

Summary: An update for the Google Play store app rolling out today should make it simpler to view content in Google's Android store.

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The new Google Play app
The new Google Play app. Image: Google

Google has waved its Material Design wand over the new Google Play store app that began rolling out globally on Tuesday.

The new Google Play update brings Google's Android store up to version 4.9.13, which reorganises elements of the store's interface and gives cover art a more prominent role when viewing content available in apps, games, movies, music and books.

Google highlighted some of the changes in a sneak peek of what's coming to users in the next few days, also showing off new icons that display ratings overviews, genres and sharing.

The Google Play app hasn't been updated for all Android users across the world yet; however, Android Police has provided a link to a separate installer for anyone that can't wait until it arrives.

Google Android UI engineer Kirill Grouchnikov, who flagged the Play update yesterday, also detailed some additional design changes coming in the music section of the app. These include removing lines that separate rows of text, better contrast, and removing colour from the buttons and in general giving that section a more consistent look.

The Google Play makeover has taken its cue from Material Design, Google's new approach to design that will appear in Android L when it's released later this year. The same design principles have been applied to recent homescreen makeovers for its other apps, like Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Google introduced Material Design at its Google I/O conference in San Francisco last month, describing it as a "unifying theory of rationalized space and a system of motion". It hopes to use the system to bring a commonality to the user interfaces of its various device platforms, such as Android, Wear, and Chrome.

Chrome OS has already begun its Material Design transformation: last week Google evangelist François Beaufort revealed what looks to be an experimental Material Design inspired-UI for the OS, called Athena.

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Topics: Mobility, Android, Google

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  • Amazing - for once Microsoft was first!

    Funny how fast the thin font, big colored box look of Metro/Modern (whatever) was cloned. First Apple with iOS7 and the pastel icons of doom and the thin font look, and now Google with Material (and they even took the box theme too - along with Apple's icon design). Interesting though, it looks like capitalization and minimal punctuation has crept in too. Makes it easier to type. Next - phonetic spelling anyone?
    • what - it still looks like an icon.

      Granted, a rather large icon.

      Or maybe a small window.
  • Looks quite nice

    From a brief inspection, looks like the IAP apps no longer being listed as free is in this version as well as some other nice little tweaks