Google Play Music All Access (unofficially) coming to iOS

Google Play Music All Access (unofficially) coming to iOS

Summary: Google snubbed iOS users with its All Access music subscription service, but developer James Clancey has submitted an app to the App Store that will bring Google music subscriptions to the iPhone.


Google Play Music All Access, a subscription music service akin to Spotify and Radio, was announced with much fanfare at the company's I/O developer conference last month, but iPhone users were left in the cold.

Although the service is (predictably) Android-only, a sharp developer has already got it working with iOS and today submitted his code to the App Store for approval. James Clancey's gMusic ($1.99, App Store) is the most popular Google Music app for iOS and it's getting a new feature really soon-now. 

gMusic 5.2.1 – the current version — only plays music that you've uploaded to Google Listen Now (formerly 'Google Music'), but according to Wired, Clancey spent the weekend coding an update to support the subscription service after hearing Google announce All Access last week at I/O. 

Clancey submitted gMusic 6.0 to Apple for approval that adds support for Google Play's Music All Access feature, the $10 per month all-you-can-eat music subscription service designed to compete with Spotify, Rdio and others.

Clancey tells me that the main focus of gMusic 6.0 is All Access, full search, adding music and radio stations. The other good news is that he's not planning a price change for 6.0, at least not immediately. 

Apple's been long rumored to be developing its own "iRadio" subscription music service, but it's recently rumored to have hit a rough spot in negotiations with Sony Music and Warner Music Group. CNET notes that the impasse is over fees to be paid for skipped songs:

Apple and Sony Music, the world's second largest music label, are still trying to hammer out details over how much Apple would pay for songs that people listen to a fraction of and then skip, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

There's no telling if Apple will approve gMusic 6, but I can't see why it wouldn't. If you don't already pay a subscription for one of the other competing music services, gMusic 6 might be a nice option.  

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  • When the Choice is Google vs. Anyone Else

    The safe bet is to go with anyone besides Google.

    You never know what Google is going to do with the personal information they collect on you. Maybe you have no problem with what they do today. Chances are you do not know what they are up to today. If in the future you discover they are doing unacceptable things with your personal information, it is too late. If you try to cancel all your Google accounts. They will never delete the information they already have on you.

    Using Google Chrome is dangerous. For example if you use spell check or leave translations enabled, Google collects the contents of all online forms you fill out.

    Read their Terms of Service. When you run in to the phrase "For example", stop, ask yourself this question, what are they trying to hide? Then reread, very carefully, the previous statement.
    • Paranoia

      "For example if you use spell check or leave translations enabled, Google collects the contents of all online forms you fill out."

      "For example"? What are you trying to hide?!
      • You don't get it

        If you allow google to spell check documents, you are marked, for life. You are tracked, even in the bathroom. Google will record all bowel movements and publish the schedule for all to see. Seriously, they will even kidnap your dog to find out more information about you. Ultimately google is tracking us all so that they can kill us off and create a new world staffed by androids running android.
        Now kids, do you want more google fairytales or shall we go onto pepper pig?
        Little Old Man
        • Thanks for a great laugh, Little Old Man

          You've started my day the best possible way (what could be better than a good laugh?) As for Google's Play Music, I doubt it would interest me anyway. Apple still has to convince me to buy music from iTunes. I download only from people who allow lossless formats.
          Laraine Anne Barker
  • Apple Will Reject It

    Because IOS is Apple's hegemony, and no-one else's.
    • Apple might not reject it

      Apple do like to give their own software preference. But, in recent months, Google has succesfully launched Maps (which most iOS users prefer), YouTube (which Apple initially removed), and now Google Now (which is a direct competitor to Siri) all on iOS.
      You can already use Spotify on iOS, and Google All Access is not vastly different, so it will probably turn up at some point. This said I think giving people choice is not a bad thing, and even though I am an adroid user, I think competition is what drives development.
  • An App to do just that!

    Hey, Cloud Play for Google Music (iPad only) has been already updated to support "All Access" music. It currently cant do the radio yet, but they are working on it!