Google Play versions of Galaxy S4, HTC One to get Android 4.3

Google Play versions of Galaxy S4, HTC One to get Android 4.3

Summary: Google Play versions of HTC and Samsung's flagship devices score rapid Android delivery.

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The rollout of Android 4.3, which had so far only hit Google's Nexus line, has arrived for the Google Play editions of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The new OS, announced on 24 July, shipped with Google's recently released Nexus 7 and quickly landed on the Nexus 4 and 10. But until Friday, punters were wondering when 4.3 would hit the Google Play editions of Samsung's and HTC's respective flagships. 

Eight days after the 4.3's official release, both OEMs have finalised the update and reportedly began distributing it in an over-the-air bundle beginning on Friday, making this a faster rollout than usual. 

The roughly one-week turnaround means Google has delivered on the promise of faster updates on the Google Play editions, which have only been released in the US and run a vanilla version of Android without the tweaks vendors lay over the OS.

The new OS offers graphics enhancements with openGL ES 3.0, Bluetooth v4.0, and restricted user profiles as well as a few device specific changes.

According to AnandTech, which first reported the rollout, the update brings increased sizes on the widget panels, while the update for HTC One enables its IR (infrared) blaster, and the S4 update enables Bluetooth internet tethering.

Topic: Android

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  • I have the $64,000.00 question...

    Will I ever see this update to my stock at&t Samsung S4???
    • Even if it is promised, the bigger question is "When"?

      Too many Android owners have had to wait 12 months or more for updates . . . if those ever arrive.
    • Errrr.....

      Probably up to AT&T to decide....