Google puts prescription lenses in Glass' frame

Google puts prescription lenses in Glass' frame

Summary: Google has delivered the most requested feature for Glass with the addition of prescription lens support for its networked frames.

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Google's new Curve frame for Google Glass. Image: Google

Google is now offering prescription lenses as an option for Google Glass buyers, and has also introduced several new titanium frames and sunglasses for its networked eyewear.

Prescription lenses for Glass will be available with the newly-introduced titanium frames, Google announced on Monday. The lenses will cost an additional $225 on top of the $1,500 price of the standard Glass headset, according to ZDNet's sister site, CNET.

The prescription option was launched on Monday alongside four new titanium frames, which are available in styles called Split, Thin, Curve, and Bold.

Last year, Google was tipped to be working with hipster eyewear maker Warby Parker on new Glass frames, but has opted to design the new titanium frames in-house. There's also two new tinted shades — Classic and Edge — available for $150.  

Glass support for prescription lenses was one of the most requested additions for the internet-connected headset.

"If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass… well, we'd have a lot of nickels," Google's Glass team said via a Google+ post today.

The company confirmed its rumoured partnership with specialist eye insurance company VSP, which may help cover the cost of the Glass prescription frames.

As noted by CNET, VSP has 30,000 doctors on its books and the insurer plans to have 6,000 doctors trained up to properly fit patients with Glass prescription frames.

Google expects to make its networked frames available to the US public by the end of 2014. 

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Topics: Hardware, Google

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  • Pretty women, walking down the street...

    Please, show me those glasses on an ugly girl... Every single time I saw them it was on a model, a very good looking women like as if Google glasses were a fashion accessories more than a Geek toy. I feel manipulated, I feel like many efforts are made to make me believe that these glasses are the must have trendy thing to have. I hate that.
    • How about on Zack Whittaker instead?

      There have been several pictures of ZD-Net's Zack Whittaker wearing Google Glass. Do you feel less "manipulated" now?

      But if you're complaining that you only *notice* pictures of good-looking women wearing Google Glass, despite other pictures actually existing, then I would suggest that's your problem really.
    • Here you go!

      OK, not "un ugly girl", but equally not "a very good looking women" either:

      No offence, Zack ;-)
  • Yuck

    Well I hope the other frames look somewhat better than the one that's pictured. That one just screams TOTAL DORK. Love Google, but come on, who'd want to wear those?
  • Great. Now people already having issues seeing

    will have even more issues seeing...
  • Over the Left Eye?

    Every shot of these shows the viewer over the right eye. As someone whose left eye is dominant, I would be unable to see much at all with my right. Can the viewer be switched to the left eye?
  • So the cop pulls someone over for wearing Google while driving ...

    but the driver can't drive without them either. I smell backup-glasses revenue for the glasses store that carries Google glasses.

    Of course, with that much cash, you can do like the proverbial Texas oilman and get a prescription windshield!
    • Of course you're going to want backup glasses...

      As much as I would like to have one of these, they would not be appropriate for wearing all the time, in which case I need some "normal" glasses. Also, there are many places I would not want to wear a $1500 pair of glasses rather than a much cheaper pair if there was a significant risk of damaging or losing them.
  • Now just put transition lens in them

    If I could buy them at samclub or some other optical outlet with transition lens I would!!
  • Hmmm... this may or may not be a good thing to pioneer...

    based on the experience of a Columbus Ohio wearer's experience at the movies:

    Why didn't Edward Snowden warn us that DHS/ICE/Homeland Security is "responsible" for investigating suspected movie piracy?
    Dave S2
    • Because the story was 100% pure bull

      .... and didiots like you believed it.
  • Not any prescription glasses

    Just -4 to +4, which according to Google should cover the "majority" so it is fine.

    I suppose the minority can go to hell then. Maybe we'd qualify for disability in tomorrow's glass society?
  • Extra-Large frames?

    My frames are almost 6" across and it is often hard to find decent frames to fit me. I would love to have Glass, but will not be surprised if they don't offer it in my size.

    On another topic: I don't care how they look. I'm 67 years old with a poor memory. To me the function far outweighs the form.