Google Reader shutdown countdown: Newsblur, good alternative

Google Reader shutdown countdown: Newsblur, good alternative

Summary: The shutdown of Google Reader is drawing nigh and you'd better have an alternative in place when it goes. Newsblur combines a good service with mobile apps to take its place.


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  • Newsblur -- RSS news reader and Google Reader replacement

    Google is shutting Google Reader down on July 1 so those of us who use it must have an alternative solution in place before it goes away. I have been testing a few of them and have adopted Newsblur as my replacement for Google Reader.

    Newsblur imports all of your Google Reader feeds to get started and then works basically like Google's reader. The web interface is better than the very basic one in Google Reader and can be customized just like you want it.

    The screen above shows how I use Newsblur in the browser, similar to the interface of Google Reader but with more information. I can spin through thousands of RSS items in a short time using keyboard shortcuts just as I did in Google Reader.

    You can train Newsblur over time by marking articles you like, dislike, or don't care about. Newsblur will then concentrate on the topics and styles you like in its Focus mode. I haven't used it long enough to tell how useful this might be.

    There are Newsblur apps for both iOS and Android, which are demonstrated in the slides to follow.

    Newsblur is free but offers a premium service for $24/year that allows working with more sites than the free version, plus it enables some additional features. 

  • iPad app -- feed list

    This screen shows the initial list of feeds for checking in Newsblur. You can tap on any of them to work with just that site or hit All Stories to work them all in sequence.

    Tapping on any of the sites or folders takes to you the article list screen, shown next.

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  • Less Google is a Blessing

    Any one with a knowledge of Regular Expressions can create their own custom feeds.

    I have one for ZDnet. Essentially 3 lines of code.

    This code took me about 5 minutes to write and debug the following PHP .

    • COME ON!

      COME ON! Are you serious! here I think we're talking about real software with real useful features! well I'm not using newsblur (Actually but I think it's not bad. worth a try
  • Windows 8 client

    I'm developer of Tafiti a News Reader for Windows 8, with support for NewsBlur along with Feedbin. Head over to to download beta and help me improve it before final launch. Thanks.
  • Goo replacement is

    Hi, this one works great for me
  • Feedly

    I've tried both Feedly and Newsblur. Right now, for both iPad and Andorid, Feedly is working the best for me. Newsblur doesn't appear to "update" google reader to show what has been read, and doesn't have the bells and whistles that Feedly has.

    I will miss Mr. Reader...