Google reconfirms 2013 release plans (or hopes) for Glass

Google reconfirms 2013 release plans (or hopes) for Glass

Summary: The outlook for when Google Glass is going to drop has been a bit cloudy, to say the least.


There's still a good chance that we could see Google Glass released to both consumers and developers at some point in 2013, according to a Google representative.

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Reports have been mixed about when Glass could land on the market, hitting a breaking point when Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently told the BBC that a consumer edition wouldn't be available until at least 2014.

That's following up some expected changes based on feedback from the Glass Explorer program. The first wave of those prototypes have already started shipping.

Nevertheless, Susan Cadrecha, a communications associate for the product team at Google, replied to my inquiry on Monday, hinting that we could still see Glass drop this year, as previously announced at Google I/O last June.

"We hope to ambitiously have a consumer version out before end of year," Cadrecha wrote.

This confirmation might only make consumers' heads more dizzy, given that Google has previously indicated both 2013 and 2014 consumer launch times.

With Google I/O 2014 just around the corner in San Francisco this May, we'll likely hear much more about the Google Glass roadmap then.

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  • Borg

    Oh goody - more distracted clowns on the roads and walking around.
  • Goodbye eyeball, goodbye sight

    I predict that as many gang members, mafia types, pimps, and dealers will not be impressed by people wearing these and looking at them the little transparent pieces of plastic are going to end up in someone's eyeball.

    The idea that even this can be recorded on video is not quite true, as such aggressive people will quickly figure out that a swift right hook before the glasshole can turn to look at them will solve this problem and the video will be the inside of the wearer's eyeball and blood.
  • I/O

    Google I/O 2014 is just around the corner, this May? Tell me more...
  • I was kind of meh on this product

    but after watching how much indignation it has received from bloggers and comments, I am beginning to get interested.