Google reduces Cloud Datastore pricing

Google reduces Cloud Datastore pricing

Summary: By up to 25 percent, the company says.

TOPICS: Storage, Cloud, Google

At Google I/O last week, the Silicon Valley giant announced Google Cloud Datastore, a fully managed offering for storing non-relational data.

It's based on Google's App Engine High Replication Datastore, which has been around since 2011 and now processes an eye-popping 4.5 trillion transactions per month—with 99.95 percent uptime, no less.

In a blog post this morning, the company decided to celebrate by dropping App Engines HRD and Cloud Datastore prices up to 25 percent.

For stored data in the Datastore, the new price will be $0.18 per gigabyte per month. That's down from $0.24.

For operations, write will cost $0.09 per 100,000 operations (down from $0.10), read will cost $0.06 (down from $0.07) and small will remain unchanged, at $0.01.

Topics: Storage, Cloud, Google

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