Google reveals LTE-enabled Chromebook Pixel launch date

Google reveals LTE-enabled Chromebook Pixel launch date

Summary: Google has revealed that an LTE version of its premium Chromebook device will start shipping in the US from next month.

TOPICS: Google, Laptops, Verizon

Google has confirmed that an LTE-enabled Chromebook Pixel will start shipping in a few weeks.

US buyers will be able to get their hands on the LTE Pixel from 8 April, according to the Google Play Store, but there's no word yet on international availability.

The LTE-enabled version is $1,449 while the standard version is $1,300

The laptop will be available on Verizon's 4G network. However, the LTE Chromebook can't step down from 4G to slower 3G when there is no 4G signal available. 

Customers will receive a free 100MB of data on Verizon each month for the first two years of service, according to the Play Store.

Google unveiled its non-LTE Chromebook Pixel last month. The device, which is priced at £1,049 in the UK, has been pitched by Google as the first premium Chrome-powered notebook.

Topics: Google, Laptops, Verizon

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  • I can't find anyone who's tried this:

    Install Windows 8 on the Pixel.

    Can it be done?
    x I'm tc
  • LTE

    If I were going to spend 1.3k on it anyway, I'd undoubtedly add the extra cash for LTE functionality.
  • museum stuff...

  • Google reveals LTE-enabled Chromebook Pixel launch date

    $1450 LOL!!!! And this is why Google employees have nothing better to do with their time except sit around and play with office toys.
  • Still too expensive.

    Still too expensive for what it does, sorry.
    • You over looking one critical feature

      It comes with 100MB of free service -- that is enough to log into Shopaholic's Anonymous every day and post, "Why oh why did I blow $1500 on a stupid web browser?"

      Make sure you block the site from showing graphics first or you might exceed your cap.
  • This is among the cheapest laptops

    ... with such build quality and resolution.
  • That is one expensive paperweight

    Would never buy it but if given to me I'd replace it with a serious OS. Ubuntu or maybe Windows 7.

    Chrome [OS] is Crap.