Google set to triple number of stores selling Chromebooks worldwide

Google set to triple number of stores selling Chromebooks worldwide

Summary: Google is promising to add more national markets for the Chromebook later this year too.


Anticipating the back-to-school sales already, Google has announced some major additional retailers for its Chromebooks.

The biggest new partner would have to be Walmart.

The retail behemoth will start off with just the newest Acer Chromebook starting today. With a price tag of $199, the 16GB SSD machine will have a soft launch at approximately 2,800 U.S. stores this week.

Walmart is expected to get more Chromebook models later this summer.

Staples will also be joining the Chromebook reseller sheet as soon as this weekend with a more diverse portfolio made up of models from Hewlett-Packard and Samsung as well as Acer. Consumers can look at both at Staples' website and 1,500 stores for Chromebooks, while businesses can go through the company's Advantage B2B program.

That's not even close to the end of Google's ambitious retail plans.

Although a roadmap hasn't been provided, the Internet giant already has Office Depot, Office Max, Fry’s and TigerDirect to start selling Chromebooks in the coming months.

On an international playing field, Chromebooks are being dropped into more stores across the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia. Google is promising to add more national markets to the list later this year too.

Up until now, the two biggest partners have been and Best Buy.

Google's director of Chromebook marketing, David Shapiro, asserted in a blog post on Monday that taken altogether, this plan effectively triples the Chromebook retail footprint to more than 6,600 stores worldwide.

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  • So since each store will sell at least one

    they'll sell at least 6,600 of them.
    William Farrel
    • In other news.....

      Microsoft continues to dump it's failed Surface and surface RT tablet PCs.
      • Errr....

        But they are selling!
        • They're being given away!

      • In other news.....

        Google continues to dump it's failed Chrome and Pixel PCs.

        News at 11 (if anybody beyond DancingTamagotchiTroll cares)
        William Farrel
        • William Farrel...only you, Loverock Davidson and Owlllllnet were folish

          enough to get sucked into buying a Windows RT.............You guys should be interested in buying the Brooklyn bridge next.
          Over and Out
          • I never claimed I owned an RT

            In truth, I don't own a tablet at all. I have no need for one

            So I'll leave the bidding for the Brooklyn Bridge to you and your sock puppets.

            (Though you better hurry - I heard one of your other logons just placed a higher bid then the one you just placed.)
            William Farrel
          • If you don't own a tablet

            Then what the hell are you doing here.
  • With a world wide web share of 0.02%, this can't hurt.

    Probably won't really help much either. I mean 0.02% of the web share for an OS that is little more than a browser is not something to write home about.
    • Whistling past the graveyard?

      I'll count on you to NOT check the market share in 3 years. These computers have HUGE advantages over MS computers- cost- reliability- maintenance- virus protection.
      • Really?

        at .02% it doesn't sound like many people believe that.
        William Farrel
      • In 3 years, they won't even exist, and even today, they aren't computers,

        and all that they are, is shiny looking cases, with a browser inside.

        A computer is not just a browser, and the Chromebook is just a browser, which makes it NOT a computer.

        A Chromebook is a computer, in the same way that a bicycle is a car.
        • Cars and bicycles...

          Cars are way faster than bicycles. They can carry a whole lot more people. They can generally travel much farther, and on surfaces that would prove difficult for certain kinds of bicycles. They can carry much more luggage, too.

          But guess what... despite all that, bicycles are still around. Lots and lots of them, in fae. I have a feeling that Google would welcome the comparison of a Chromebook to a bicycle.
  • Let's do some comparing

    Android tablets vs Chromebook "thing"
    Lighter & thinner goes to tablets.
    Speed goes to tablets.
    Price is roughly even [even $50 difference really isn't much for most].
    What you can do offline goes to tablets.

    Winner by a near knockout: tablets.
    • Agreed. $1500 for a Pixel

      or $1500 MacBook Pro with Retina display.

      Looking at both the high end and low end, the clear winner in each category is something other then a Chromebook.
      William Farrel
  • Looks Great to Me

    I love my Samsung Chromebook. It does exactly what a want a portable, stress, portable, laptop to do. If I want to do anything more demanding (which is rare) I remote into my home desktop. One thing though, Walmart treats it's workers like slave labor and uses our expensive government social service net as part of their ability to do so. Buy elsewhere, if at all possible, especially as Chromebooks seem to be the same price point everywhere.
    Michael DeVore