Google setting up 'lost phone' feature for Android devices

Google setting up 'lost phone' feature for Android devices

Summary: At long last, Android has found its "lost phone" feature.


While the iPhone arguably doesn't come with the best native app for maps, at least users had a better shot of finding them with the Find My iPhone app if something went awry.

Now Android owners will soon be able to enjoy a similar level of security.

Google is rolling out the Android Device Manager for locating a lost device and/or erasing it completely remotely if the smartphone or tablet falls into the wrong hands.

Android product manager Benjamin Poiesz explained in a blog post on Friday how it works in a nutshell:

If you ended up dropping your phone between those couch cushions, Android Device Manager lets you quickly ring your phone at maximum volume so you can find it, even it's been silenced. And in the event that your phone or tablet is out of earshot (say, at that restaurant you left it at last night), you can locate it on a map in real time.

This lost device functionality will be rolled out to devices running Android 2.2 or above at yet unspecified date later this month.

Users will need to be signed into Google Accounts to make use of it, and there will be a standalone Android app (again, similar to Apple's Find My iPhone app) for managing (and locating) devices.

Image via The Official Google Blog

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  • I don't have any Android devices at the moment

    just the eclipse emulator, but this has saved my bacon so many times with my other devices (from a not to be named here ecosystem.) I am really absent minded, and I've gotten things so lost that it wasn't enough to just phone them to hear the ring tone.
    • I was surprised to find

      that the emulator was actually reasonably fast now. At least on my linux system with "use host GPU" enabled. On my Win 7 system it was still unusably slow.
  • Meh...

    WP had it since 2010...
    • I still remember

      images and stories about the Windows Phone 7 developers parading a coffin down the street to signify the death of all other mobile OSes. Remind me, just how did that work-out, both with WP7 and WP8? I bet that now it all seems rather ironical!
  • It's about time.

    Samsung has this built into the Galaxy S4/S3 Mini/S4 and probably others. I wonder how well it compares.
  • Another one?

    Samsung has the feature. So does my cell provider. And now [well soopn] Google. I tried Samsung and I think it detected my phone about 1.5 KM away. My Cell provider couldn't find it. Hopefully Google does a better job. :-)
  • Lookout

    Been using the free Lookout app for Android. It can find your phone and scans for malware -- good free app.
  • Just for the record...

    Samsung has offered the for over a year on their phone and tablets.
    The Werewolf!
  • Prey project

    The Prey Project is free, opens source, works on all platforms and can also take pictures and much more