Google shares Halloween video shot entirely on Glass

Google shares Halloween video shot entirely on Glass

Summary: Trick or treat?


There isn't a company in Silicon Valley (or maybe anywhere) quite like Google that knows how to turn things up a notch on the holidays.

Halloween is no exception for the Internet giant.

Hot on the heels of the news that it is gearing up a second generation of its smart spectacles (or to remind people that Glass exists), Google has published a delightful short film shot entirely on -- you guessed it -- Google Glass.

It has to be said that the Glass team has done an impressive job in exercising a diverse variety of marketing schemes, starting with a short movie shot on the catwalks of the Diane von Furstenberg fashion show during New York Fashion Week in fall 2012. 

Google's Pumpkin Zombie is a little less serious, but perhaps more of a treat some people.

To see the video for yourself, check out the YouTube clip below. Enjoy.

Image via Google

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  • Great sculpturing

    You have to admire someone who can use a material such as pumpkin skin to do that :)
  • Google shares Halloween video shot entirely on Glass

    The guy does have some good pumpkin carving skills but the video doesn't do much for showing what Google glass can do.
  • Glass?

    Never heard of that junk.

    The guy obviously has one of those Go cams on his helmet!
  • Am I supposted to be impresed by a low quality video???

    Sure, the guy has good carving skills .... but this is supposed to show off some feature from a product ... and the video just show nothing but poor quality imaging.
  • Nicely done...

    Of course the video quality is on the low side. The ipad and most phones have crappier video than that.