Google smartwatch expected following WIMM Labs acquisition

Google smartwatch expected following WIMM Labs acquisition

Summary: UPDATED: The wearables war is officially on.


With the explorer version of Google Glass well out the door, the Internet giant is all but certainly moving on to a smartwatch.

GigaOM reported on a somewhat sleepy Friday afternoon that the Android maker has acquired WIMM Labs, a somewhat smaller maker of wearable technology -- notably tech-heavy wristwatches.

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Google Maps, Offers and the big wearable technology picture

Google Maps, Offers and the big wearable technology picture

Google Maps is getting a coupons and deals infusion in a move that will become increasingly handy as wearable technology accelerates.

Financial terms of the deal have not been revealed, but the purchase does offer a big hint as to what Google wants to do in the burgeoning wearables market.

The sector itself is still quite small.

At $1,500 a pop, Google Glass is still just a developer-friendly device with limited functionality. There are more products available in the fitness scene, from Whistle (think FitBit for dogs) to the Nike FuelBand for their two-legged owners.

As far as watches go, Pebble is still rather alone at the top (if there is a top in this vertical yet), and WIMM Labs has been working on smartwatches (at least for developers) for awhile now.

But that could all change quickly.

During a Q&A earlier this week with some members of the San Francisco tech press, Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor admitted that it's hard to predict just how big the wearable tech market will end up being based on varying analyst reports.

But he still argued that most analysts believe the sector will grow by a factor of 10 over the next five years.

For computerized glasses alone, market research firm IHS iSuppli forecasted back in April that there will be approximately 9.4 million units of these fancy spectacles shipping between 2012 to 2016.

There have been rumors for months that Apple and Samsung (among others) have top-secret smartwatches in the works, but nothing concrete has emerged just yet.

Perhaps with the WIMM Labs acquisition, Google could beat everyone to the punch with something made now in-house.

Note: We pinged Google PR for confirmation and will update this post once we hear back.

UPDATE: A Google spokesperson confirmed the WIMM Labs acquisition.

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  • Look there's still a square inch where google hasn't shoved an ad

    Quick strap a display on there so we can still shove ads in in their face when they've put their phones in their pockets. You don't want to miss endless ads while you're out for a run.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Are you saying don't turn your back

      or bend over in front of Google?
      Sorry, couldn't resist...temptation you know...
    • Yes, let us all use bing and facebook and linked-in

      because none of them serve up ads by the millions.

      Oh, I see the difference, if they're random irrelevant ads, you know the type; a unicycle ad on a 90 yr old's bing search, that's fine. If they somehow relate you or one of your searches, well, it'll lead to you losing your sight and possible a leg, back away from the targetted ads now, back away and only view indiscriminate advertising.
      Little Old Man
  • Makes sense.

    Tiny touchscreen + accelerometer + wifi/bluetooth + always on your wrist = perfect controller for Glass.
  • Let me know when "wearable tech" has a enough of a foot-hold for Rolex to join...

    Until then, i'll keep wearing my mechanical watch. The *original* "wearable tech".