Google Street View car flees double-accident, crashes into parked truck

Google Street View car flees double-accident, crashes into parked truck

Summary: Panic causes one driver to set off a chain of accidents.

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A single Google Street View car has been involved in three separate accidents in Indonesia, after the driver repeatedly chose to flee the scene of the incident.

According to a report from AFP, one of Google's Street View cars has been involved in a double hit-and-run incident, ending only when the vehicle collided with a third vehicle. No injuries have been reported.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, just outside Jakarta in the Bogor region, when the driver of the vehicle, an Indonesian man, hit a minivan.

The driver is alleged to have stopped at this point and driven with the minivan driver to a repair garage, but, fearing the cost of repairs, fled the scene in the damaged Street View car. The minivan driver pursued the Street View car in his own vehicle for about 3km before the Google-owned car hit another minivan.

The Street View car continued to flee the second incident, but was stopped shortly after, when the driver collided with a parked truck.

Amateur photographs on Indonesian forum Kaskus show damage to the front of the vehicle as well as the front windshield smashed in.

Google confirmed the incident, and said that it is working closely with local authorities regarding the incident.

"We take the safety of our Street View operations very seriously, and though we're glad everyone is OK and that no serious injuries were reported, we're sorry for any damage caused."

Street View drivers are typically engaged by Google on a contract basis, and are required, under the company's policies and local law, to stop in the event of an accident.

Topic: Google

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  • Probably something like this:

    "I just got this sweet new job driving for Google! Yeah! Gettin' Pizzaid!"
    *Ding* "Oh crap oh crap oh crap gonna lose my job"
    "Okay, everything will be fine.. I'll just get everything repaired before returning the car, good as new, no one knows any better... If only I had received my first check."
    "Run! Run! Run~!" *Ding* "Crap"
    "Run! Run! Figure it out later!" *Crash*
    • Was this one of googles self driving cars?

      Maybe it wasn't the drivers fault. Maybe it was one of androids several times a day hangs and reboots and the accidents happened before it could get rebooted
      Johnny Vegas
      • $croogled

        Hit & run. Sounds so "do no evil".
      • On a hit and run?

        Robots don't hit and run. Besides, this was a street view car; Google's self driving cars are a totally separate project for now.
  • D.W.A.

    Asian drivers.
    beau parisi
    • Heard the driver's name was:

      Wong Wei.
      beau parisi
  • Mist be one of the Soetoro Boys...

    getting on the job training just like BUMBLIN' BARRY
  • Must have been texting while driving,

    and finding all those WiFi hotspots to use!
    • Or...

      maybe he thought the Street View car was one of Google's self-driving vehicles?
  • Subject: CRAZY Autonomous GOOGLE Car gathering YOUR WIFI DATA Crashes!11one

    Would have been more exciting if this was a crazy bot car, but sadly just a stupid person who paniced driving a regular car.
  • Better call Saul.

    Arm A. Geddon
  • Google Street View car flees double-accident, crashes into parked truck

    So their cars work just like their software.
  • crashes into everything

    I once found a gif online of a guy on a moped who seemed to be both blind and stupid as he ran into just about every other car on the intersection before smucking head on into a truck. Finally deciding to go another direction, maybe from head trauma of kissing a Mac truck bumper, he makes a left turn and dives into a small roped off sink hole. What few people had witnessed this were still scratching their heads as he dove over the edge.
  • bad luck

    run run run
    Walad Safa