Google takes Chromebooks to Sweden, serves up Acer and Samsung versions

Google takes Chromebooks to Sweden, serves up Acer and Samsung versions

Summary: Google has added a sixth European market to its Chromebook rollout.

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Weeks after Google announced four new European markets for its Chromebooks, it has quietly added Sweden to the list.

Like their European neighbours to the south, Swedes will be offered Acer's C7 Chromebook and Samsung's Chromebook, including the 3G version.

Swedish availability and pricing for the Chromebook was announced today, making it the only Nordic nation so far to get its hands on the Google laptops.

Samsung's Chromebook will be available from 2990 SEK ($456) online and in store at Swedish retailer Elgiganten, and online at and Dustins. The 3G version is available for 3490 SEK ($533). Acer's C7 is available from the three retailers for between 2295 SEK ($351) and 2990 SEK ($457).

Prices in Sweden are somewhat higher than in the France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands where Samsung's Chromebook sells from €299 ($384) and Acer's C7 costs €249 ($319). In the UK, prices are lower still: the Samsung Chromebook comes in at £229 ($347), slightly more expensive than its Acer counterpart's £199 ($302) price tag.

As in other countries where Chromebooks are available, Google's Swedish offer includes 100GB Google Drive storage which remains valid for two years after the purchase.

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Topics: Hardware, Google, Laptops

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  • Google takes Chromebooks to Sweden, serves up Acer and Samsung versions

    Chromebooks taken on Sweden.
  • Chromebooks not selling

    This is a failed concept.
    • The only "concept" failing .....

      is you. Virtually without fail I might add.
      • What are the two of you doing here…?

        Actually, they seem to be selling, but I hate the concept, even if in the long term it may take some of the market.

        Come on, it is just a “Google Services Terminal“ and people even pay for that?
        • if it's cheap it makes sense

          the latest samsung and latest acer chromebooks are very cheap. as cheap as a nexus 7, and they're better suited for a lot of tasks than a nexus 7 (not to knock tablets- they're good at a lot of things too, but different things). they fit the cheap and portable niche perfectly. basically they're the new netbook.
          • I do not

            dispute that...this is definitely the main reason people buy them.

            But of course I doubt if they understand that what they are buying is a window to the Google Services and not really a “real” computer/OS.

            Then again if it does what they need to do at the moment or until they upgrade to something else, who can blame them…
          • exactly

            if it does what they need to do. a lot of people can do everything online, or at least do enough online that the low price is justified for a very portable companion device. chromebooks IMO are not really a complete solution, but they do very well as a companion device. I just bought the samsung chromebook. with remote connection to my home computer, it's great as a portable cheap thing to bring around on the go/when traveling. and the ability to dual boot ubuntu is great too. there are plenty of devices that would work a bit better, but they all cost 4x as much.
          • It isn't just that they are cheap.

            Their performance and build quality is decent for cheap devices, and they are all Zero Maintenance, Zero Touch Administration devices - which is why they have been so successful in schools and universities. They simply let you get on with your work without tying you down with a heavy maintenance overhead associated with Windows and other fat OSes. That is something worth paying for.
    • Samsung Chromebook Series 3

      has been the #1 selling laptop on amazon for more than 6 months
    • Re: Chromebooks not selling This is a failed concept.

      Interesting, then, that we have yet to see them discounted to fire-sale prices, as has been happening with a certain other company's products...