Google to double campus neighboring Microsoft's Redmond HQ

Google to double campus neighboring Microsoft's Redmond HQ

Summary: Google expands engineering offices a five-minute drive from rival Microsoft.

TOPICS: Google, Amazon, Microsoft

Google is to construct a new site to double the number of workers its Kirkland campus in Seattle, Washington can hold.

The engineering-focused offices opened in 2004 and house the teams responsible for building Google+ and the Chrome browser. Google also counts the site as the birthplace of Google Talk, Google Storage and Google+ Hangouts.

"We are excited to expand our presence in Kirkland, where we have one of the largest engineering offices outside of our headquarters in Mountain View," the company said in a statement to ZDNet's sister site CNET.

The Kirkland office is one of two Google engineering sites in Seattle that lie on opposite sides of Lake Washington. The facility is the third largest centre for engineers behind Google's New York office and its Mountain View headquarters, according to The Seattle Times.

Including a third office in Bothell, Seattle, Google currently has around 1,000 employees in the area. The new two-building construction at Kirkland is expected to offer 16,000 square metres (180,000 square feet) of office space — enough for the 1,000 employees Google expects to add at the facility — and is a five-minute drive from Microsoft's own Redmond headquarters, the paper said.  

Construction on the new site will be completed in 2015 and is expected to achieve LEED certification for energy efficiency.

Topics: Google, Amazon, Microsoft

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  • Google to double campus neighboring Microsoft's Redmond HQ

    Is Google trying to lure Microsoft employees over with office toys? Here you have 2 companies, one with innovation and employees dedicated to making the best software possible and the other is Google.
    • Compare stock evolution from both companies.

      Google Stock March 2004 $102.37:March 2013 $827.61

      Microsoft stock March 2004 $19.26: March 2013 $27.91
      You keep your opinion I'll keep my Stocks.
      • Stocks

        Ok, and tell me how the stock price is making Google more innovative and giving them the potential for new ideas. Its not. Google stock price is over valued. They are living the dream of 2000 all over again.
        • Well you tell that to their stockholders, Lovie Dovie

          In the meantime we'll consider the idiotic source.
      • Apparently, you don't understand market cap,

        and, stock prices are not the same as market value for a company.

        Right now, Google market cap is around 273 billion, and Microsoft is at around 233 billion.

        Google stock is right now, in bubble status, meaning that, it's overdue for a huge downfall, while Microsoft is probably undervalued, since it has the most valuable collection of products and services of any of the big technology companies out there. Just like Apple took a tumble a few months ago, so will Google. In fact, Google' market cap shouldn't even be higher than Facebook, and, where is Facebook?
        • That is more than obvious

          Google's value is totally dependent to their adware. It is the only product that makes money for them. So an $800 stock value is more than ridiculous ... because it is based on nothing but speculation, not reality.
    • Not only are you a clown, you're dyslexic..

      Switch them around, fool. Google has been far more innovative than your patrons at MS. Excel - copied from Lotus (copied from Visicalc). Word - copied from WordPerfect and not all that well either. Bing - poor stepchild to Google search. Zune...sorry, had to laugh there. Yeah, MS is real innovative, if you change the meaning of innovative to lumbering behemoth late to the show that knows nothing more than copying someone else's work.....
      • I laugh at your post - HAH!

        Please tell us what Google has innovated besides the work environment of employees playing with office toys? Google Docs - copied from Microsoft Office. Google search - copied from Yahoo, Ask, Alta Vista. Then what were some other hits from Google? Google Wave and look at how that turned out. I can't think of anything good that Google has really done.
      • Microsoft is helpful....

        Every year Microsoft invest large amount of money in developer with the Summer of Code Events. They has also open source their mobile OS and freely distributed their desktop OS while providing developer all the SDK free of charge. Microsoft also create web development software/Tools and makes them freely available without charge. No wait .... all that is Google and Microsoft does the opposite and charges for everything. By the way which company is rated higher for employee satisfaction by far?
        • Have you ever heard of Visual Studio Express?

          It is free. Microsoft gives away a lot of software for free and they have contributed a lot to open source. Mobile Platform Google giving away? LoL. They are giving away the OS, not their Services or Apps Source code, Search or their Service Ranking engine etc. Also you don't know their IDE is Eclipse, which is not Google owned, FYI. Microsoft also has bootcamps for students and have a lot of educational events happening for free every month continously. Have you every heard of their monthly summits at local offices for various things such as .NET, SharePoint, Windows Services etc. I guess not, otherwise your post wouldn't have been that uninformative. Please check the facts.
          Ram U
    • Apple has nothing in Washington

      Cause the company with innovation and employees dedicated to making the best definitley isn't Mictosoft. And by your statement it's not Google either.
      • You have a good imagination, and a good sense of humor,

        if you actually believe that, Apple is anywhere even close to the innovations occurring at Microsoft, or even at Google.

        The Apple stock has taken major hits lately, and it's now barely above $400 billion market cap, way down from the $700+ billion of a few months ago.

        The reason for the huge drop in value is because, not even the owners of the company believe in Apple anymore, and what Apple had going for it for a few years, was just the "redefinition" of the mobile markets with iOS. iOS is basically what Apple is about, since the ARM platform which they install iOS into, was mostly the work of others, and no!!!, tweaking the ARM processors like Apple has been doing, is still tweaking and not really major innovation, and the major innovators lately in hardware are Samsung and the various other hardware vendors, like Nokia and others. Apple is becoming a "has been".
  • Google to double campus

    Kudos Google.