Google to support Chrome XP until April 2015 at least

Google to support Chrome XP until April 2015 at least

Summary: When XP support ends next April will you still be running it? Use Chrome and at least your browser will keep getting security updates. There's a good argument that Google is indulging lax security by doing so.

TOPICS: Security, Google

Google has announced that it will continue to support the Chrome browser on Windows XP until at least April 2015, one year after Microsoft will end support for it.

For Microsoft, 2014 is an important year for Microsoft support lifecycles. Windows XP, Windows Exchange Server 2003 and Office 2003 are three of the very popular products for which Microsoft will stop providing security updates. 

Windows XP is the one that has raised the most concern, as a significant number of users still rely on it, especially outside the US. Many of these users are Chrome users.

In announcing their extended support period, Google pointed out that browsers are often used as vectors for exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems, so a secure browser will become all the more important on Windows XP once the patches stop. Internet Explorer on Windows XP will no longer be patched, so using it will become more dangerous.

Mark Larson, Director of Engineering and Superintendent of Public Safety for Google Chrome, who wrote the blog, said that the company's goal is to support Chrome XP users "during this transition process" from XP to something else. Microsoft has been calling the last few years the transition period, and it's possible that by indulging XP users with continued support that Google will delay that transition.

Extending support might be the right thing to do, but it would also be helpful for them to announce a hard stop to that support.

Correction at 5 p.m. ET: Windows Server 2003 end of life is July 2015. We've corrected the article to reflect this.

Topics: Security, Google

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  • Google is free to do what they want to do...

    and with web based email, the Browser is THE MOST likely security hole on home PCs running XP. If you keep the browser secure, then you have extended the life of the PC (and saved it going to the recycle farm/landfill that much longer).
  • Windows Server 2003 do not end support April 2014

    It is *Exchange* Server 2003 that ends support April 2014, not Windows Server 2003.
    • Thanks, corrected

      I knew that too and still wrote "Windows"
      • SBS Server 2003

        Isn't it also based on the software that you have installed on the servers? In my case, I have Server 2003 SBS, so that then goes off the installed Exchange 2003, which would be EOL April 2014, therefore also meaning EOL for my SBS installation?
  • Google looking for a bow wave of ChromeBook purchases

    The ChromeOS-in-Win8 that's in the Dev pipeline, the positioning of Chrome to be the logical browser choice for all XP users ... moves designed to promote ChromeBooks? I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the ChromeOS-like mode for Chrome become standard on an XP box running Chrome.
  • Go for it, Google!

    Turn up the heat, boys! Now let's hear from a major virus/spyware detector company.
  • Always one-sided?

    "There's a good argument that Google is indulging lax security by doing so."

    There is also a good argument that this is a pure competitive play ...
    ... and that it is a helpful facility for millions of users ...

    If I wanted to keep an old PC with a fixed set of obsolete but useful software running ... I'd welcome the GOOG offer.
    • If your computer is too old

      You might run into the problem where Chrome runs like crap, it's a resource hog at times.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • There's a good argument that Google is indulging lax security by doing so

    The only good argument based on that theory would go like this: "If you are still using WinXP you are keeping Microsoft from making more money from you."

    I think it is a good move for Google to extend support for Chrome Browser on WinXP, considering there are so many who do not want or can't upgrade to a newer Windows version.

    The sub-headline just seems to come straight from Microsoft who wants new Windows 7 or 8 adopters from the WinXP used base.
    • No, that's not the problem

      The problem is that you are using an operating system that will have a steadily increasing number of unpatched vulnerabilities.
      • Yes, same argument ...

        It is not mandatory for any new release of any OS version to kick a prior version to the curb and replace it with something lacking backward compatibility. Other operating systems manage evolutionary updates.

        Window's philosophy of "replace" rather than "evolve", and constantly breaking backward compatibility with its own product line is a marketing strategy designed to sell the most copies of each "new" version.
  • No rush

    Don't expect a massive exodus from IE to Chrome. Most people with whatever browser they use are content with what they have. they don't want change. Just because the OS isn't supported [and by extension neither is IE] doesn't mean some users will care about security updates. Those using IE haven't seen an update IE in years. so they are missing nothing.
    Meanwhile when Vista finally dies in a few years, I suspect they won't extend support for Chrome on Vista. :-)
  • My Suggestions for Browser Companies

    Did you know that Windows XP is a biggest legacy Windows Operating System....... Browsers should stop supporting Windows XP.... Websites should stop working on Windows XP and all websites should only work on 64 bit versions of Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.x (32 bit support only applies to devices using intel Atom processors) Every web browser needs to be designed for 64 bit... Security Software needs to be designed for 64 bit asap.... I want Norton to stop supporting Windows XP as quickly as possible and only support 64 bit versions of Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.x (32 bit support on intel Atom devices only).. Security should only work on 64 bit versions of IE 10 or higher....
  • Will Chrome be supported on XP Past 2015?

    Using Chrome on an XP Pro unit, Chrome is Awesome. PC runs beautifully. Question is: Google will support Chrome on XP until AT LEAST 2015. Does that mean that they could possibly extend it past that date, depending on user base etc? 2020? Hope so.