Google updates Chrome OS stable channel release

Google updates Chrome OS stable channel release

Summary: The latest build of Google's operating system contains bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements.


Google announced yesterday that it has updated the "Stable" channel release of its Chrome operating system to a new version.

Version 29.0.1547.57 (Platform version: 4319.74.0) applies to all Chrome OS devices except the Lenovo Thinkpad X131e and contains bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements.

It will begin rolling out "over the next several days," according to software engineer Ben Henry.

Major features include:

  • Kernel 3.8 now available on Google's Chromebook Pixel and Samsung's "Series 5" 550. 
  • A new "immersive" mode that allows you to hide the toolbar and shelf
  • The ability to pin applications to the shelf using Drag and Drop from the Launcher 
  • Your default wallpaper selection will now sync across all your devices 
  • The addition of Monitor Scaling allows you to scale the user interface across multiple monitors.
  • The addition of two-finger history navigation 
  • An upgrade to the App launcher Search that allows it to "dynamically learn what you search for," gives more prominence to applications and search in the web store when you don't have an app installed.

Henry also revealed a known issue: a broken link to redeem Chrome Goodies in the Files app. It "will be fixed with the next release," he promises.

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  • Google operating system

    Perhaps Google would consider pay for those tablets that are virtualy became unstable and some useless.
  • really

    Which updates does this? Have u called Samsung or Acer customer care line?

    One thing I noticed is CB is becoming more popular in education market. More schools using it for cloud based apps or use Aikotech thinserver to access Windows apps
  • Errrr.....

    Since the Chrome browser also applies to other platforms as well, expect an update will be out in a couple of weeks to fi the problems and vulnerabilities in this version and a few weeks later another update to fix vulnerabilities and bugs cause by the previous version. Never ending vicious cycle.