Google updates Drive app with scanner, Analytics with goals templates

Google updates Drive app with scanner, Analytics with goals templates

Summary: Despite apps such as Bump on the market, there has yet to be a suitable replacement for calling cards. Perhaps Google Drive can fill the void?


Even with Google I/O over, the Internet giant continues to update a number of its products with minor tweaks and enhancements this week.

For the business set, some of the more notable upgrades have to do with Drive and Analytics.

The Android version of Drive, in particular, is being updated with improvements for making it easier to create and access documents while on-the-go.

This includes being able to "scan" documents by snapping photos of them, which are then automatically saved as PDF files.

Google software engineer Denis Teplyashin suggested in a blog post on Wednesday this could also come in handy for keeping track of business cards. Despite apps such as Bump on the market, there has yet to be a suitable replacement for calling cards.

Android users can also adjust fonts in spreadsheets and print directly from the app through any cloud ready-printer.

As for Analytics, Google is adding new templates targeted towards retail and marketing professionals looking to keep better track of goals regarding sales and in-store visits.


Google Analytics product manager Stefan F. Schnabl explained further in a separate blog post that these updates are meant to make it easier to measure customer behavior and evaluate business performance:

For example, if purchases are your key objective, Ecommerce tracking allows you to measure sales performance. Yet sales are just one possible goal—there are many other important interactions that may be valuable to your business, such as media plays, social connections, newsletter sign-ups, a minimum purchase value, or the amount of time spent on a screen. Using Goals, you can measure these types of engagement activities and track how these interactions help you to meet your larger business objectives.

More details about setting up and using the new Goals templates are available on the Google Analytics blog now.

Screenshots via Google

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  • Now

    if only Google could finally get on that Google Drive app for Linux ...
    Michael Alan Goff
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    Analytics from Google's point of view, is to track your visitors. Your competitors can then use Ad Sense to poach your customers. Not so free is it?
    • How does that work?

      Exactly how does using GA let your competitors poach customers with Ad Sense?
      • Google Use GA to Track Visitors and their Intrests to Pop Ads

        A visitor to your site Google notes they have interest in whatever content the visitor see and the amount of time they spend on the page. Basic profiling.

        If you are selling acme widgets visitors to your site show Google they have an interest in widgets.

        The other widget vendor xyz tells Google that whenever a user interested in acme widgets comes around pop up my xyz widgets ad.

        The only reason GA is free is to track your visitors and index them.

        Whenever you see a Google ad, think about why Google chose that ad for you. It was probably related to a site you had recently visited.