Google upgrades Glass headset RAM

Google upgrades Glass headset RAM

Summary: Following the Google Glass launch in the UK, the tech giant has improved the headset's specs -- but current owners won't be part of the upgrade.

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Following the launch of Google Glass in the United Kingdom, the tech giant has announced that future models will be shipped with additional RAM.

According to a post on the Google Glass+ account, the Explorer program -- which allows developers and select individuals to own and test a Google Glass headset prototype ahead of commercial launch -- has provided valuable feedback for the tech giant. Among software and hardware updates designed to improve the performance of the headset, Google has decided that new models will ship with 2GB RAM, up from 1GB included in earlier units.

There are a number of noteworthy, smaller improvements that Google says the firm has also made to the headset in light of user feedback. Support for frames, shades and prescription support was created thanks to Explorer comments, and on the eve of I/O, Google's latest software rollout also includes a new voice-activated viewfinder for framing shots taken through Glass, and two new Google Now cards which include a package shipping tracker and parked car finder.

Google told the Verge that Glass has also come with a bigger battery since March which has the capability to provide 15 percent more life between charges. However, the upgrade hasn't been able to achieve the 15 percent mark before the latest software update, due to Google's tinkering and refining of the wearable tech.

Glass product manager Steve Lee said, "there's some things we can do with hardware, but the more consistent improvements simply come with the OTA updates we do regularly."

However, there is a downside to the new upgrades and improved RAM. If you already own Glass through the Explorer program, it appears that you won't be able to exchange and secure a newer model complete with the additional memory -- unlike Google's last update, where Explorers could send their devices in for a free exchange.

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  • Too little

    Even the cheapest Android phones come with 8 GB of memory. 2 GB is just cheap. I know I couldn't do anything with a 2 GB phone and am not sure why they'd start out so stingy except to screw early adopters.
    • RE: Too little

      You do realize that RAM is different than internal storage space, right? There is no phone on the market today that has 8 GB of RAM. My Nexus 5 has 2 GB, as do most modern Android phones.

      Thanks for your insightful comments.
  • The first generation "early adopters"

    bought a few months of water cooler cred, so what more could they want. The gadgets won't be good for much for several more years, RAM or no RAM, and then in industrial, medical and government service niches.
  • Wow. Underwhelmed.

    Wierdest damn thing I've ever heard. Seriously.

    When Glass Support was asked mere moments ago: "If I buy Google Glass today, is the model being offered the new 2 GB RAM version?" Answer: "We don't know - it might be or it might not. Frankly, there's an 80% chance that it is."

    Really? I'm speechless.