Google Voice integrating into Google Hangouts

Google Voice integrating into Google Hangouts

Summary: Google's VoIP service, Google Voice, is going to be integrated into Google Hangouts.


For years, Google had multiple Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), instant messaging, and video-conferencing services. Now, Google is uniting those services under Google Hangouts. It wasn't clear though  where Google Voice, its main VoIP program that crossed the gap between landline/cellular and Internet calls, was going to fit. We now know that it too is being integrated into Google Hangouts.

Thanks to Google Hangouts, cats and dogs can now "talk" with each across the country.

Users, who had been making Google Voice calls from inside Gmail, noticed after the introduction of the new Hangouts that this functionality has been removed. These Voice users were, to say the least, not happy. While you could—and still can—revert to the old style Google Chat from Hangout, users were still unable to make Google Voice calls from Gmail.

Nikhyl Singhal, Google's Director of Product Management for Real-Time Communications, quickly responded to the problem with Google's near-term future plans for adding Google Voice to Hangouts.

The Ultimate Google Voice How-to Guide

On Google+, Singhai wrote, “Today's version of Hangouts doesn't yet support outbound calls on the Web and in the Chrome extension, but we do support inbound calls to your Google Voice number. We're working hard on supporting both, and outbound/inbound calls will soon be available. In the meantime, you can continue using Google Talk in Gmail.”

Looking ahead, Singhai added, “Hangouts is designed to be the future of Google Voice, and making/receiving phone calls is just the beginning. Future versions of Hangouts will integrate Google Voice more seamlessly.”

That's all well and good, but Google Voice and Hangout users want more. In particular, users continue to want Google Voice availability outside of the United States; better texting/Short Message Service (SMS) integration; and better support for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). That said, for now, they're happy with the promise that they'll be able to both get and make calls from Google Voice within Hangouts soon.

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  • Voice goes mainstream

    Google Voice was an incredible product when it first came out, but has remained virtually unchanged and little known since then. Integrating it with all other Google communication tools will finally bring it into the mainstream. Of course there are now similar services available from other sources, but I suspect that the huge new user base may lead to 'Voice' (or 'Hangouts') dominance. Free calling nationwide except for a few places with local fees, a free lifetime phone number that can be set to ring on any/all other phones you want, voice-mail with transcription, et cetera. Even after years of stagnation Google Voice's features are still on par with other VoiP offerings... and you can't beat the price.
  • Google Voice

    is also available in Canada I believe.
  • Google = Unreliable

    If there is one thing Google has proven in the past few years, it is that you cannot rely on Google products over the long run. It lures in users and then disenfranchises them whenever the Google Wind changes.
    Nicolas Martin
  • Headed in the right direction

    Since Google has started, innovation is what has made it good, listening to it's members has made it WONDERFUL! When I was beta testing, they listened and made changes. That empowered me to do more.

    With the revolution for Cloud Computing at the door, it is just a matter of time before all our dreams come true and those prepared will have all the keys. In case you are unaware, Data Centers are springing up all over the planet at a rate many can only imagine. 500,000 sq. ft. footprints are common place.

    VOIP and other protocols will become a reality. I just hope they don't decide to cram it all into a watch or into the head of a pin. It is hard enough to see those little screens as it is. At this rate a pad will be the bare minimum. unless someone can find a way to project images on surfaces or finally perfect the Heads Up Display (HUD) in a visor which we can look through, so we can see it and they can't. Gaining another level of privacy, preferably without getting hacked in the process.

    With LINUX MINT and other FREE desktop environments becoming common place, we are moving closer and closer to having environments that we won't have to worry when the next upgrade comes along in a week. Once we can get to all those services for FREE, we will have more money to spend on services and devices. The future looks awesome! Just as the housing market is recovering, innovation is going into hyper-drive.

    I just hope I can keep up.