Google wants $4 million from Oracle for legal costs

Google wants $4 million from Oracle for legal costs

Summary: Google is asking Oracle to pay up more than $4 million to cover administrative costs incurred from the recent infringement battle.

TOPICS: Google, Oracle

While Oracle once hoped to reap hundreds of millions -- if not billions -- of dollars from its copyright and patent infringement lawsuit filed two years ago against Google, it looks like Oracle might be footing the bill in the end.

Google attorneys filed a petition with the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, demanding that Oracle pay up a grand total of $4,030,669.

This comes after the case management hearing on June 20 when Google's lead attorney Robert Van Nest said that Google would in fact be asking Oracle to pay for at least administrative costs -- if not legal fees for the lawyers' billable hours as well.

At that same hearing, Oracle explained it filed a stipulation in which Google was asked to pay $0 in statutory damages (in reference to the nine lines of code in the rangeCheck method and the test files) in order to move proceedings along faster as it works on an appeal.

Google had 14 days to file the petition for its bill of costs. Here are some of the biggest numbers that pop out in the filing:

  • Google electronically produced over 3.3 million documents in response to Oracle’s requests.
  • Google processed more than 97 million documents for electronic processing and review.
  • Google collected documents from over 86 custodians for this case.
  • Google’s 60 separate document productions span over 20 million pages.

For reference, Oracle originally sued Google in 2010 over patent and copyright infringement related to the presence of Java technology on the Android mobile operating system. Oracle owns Java as part of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, which took place earlier that year. 

Eventually, the case broke down to two claims of patent infringement while the copyright phase of the trial focused on 37 Java APIs that appeared in earlier versions of Android.

To clarify, Judge William Alsup has not ruled on the petition yet.

Kristin Zmrhal, project manager of discovery support at Google, wrote in defense of Google's petition, explaining that the Internet giant "is the prevailing party and is entitled to recover costs."

Oracle v. Google: Bill of Costs

Topics: Google, Oracle

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  • With this Oracle must have learnt one thing for sure,

    What goes around comes around after all.
    Ram U

    Ellison is a greedy, arrogant POS.

    Never trust a MAN who get's a facelift.
  • good to hear

    Let's hope Apple's absurd claims end up the same way.

    This software patent nonsense has gotten completely out of control.
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  • Hmmm, I wonder how many FTC employs would be furloughed if they lose to Goo

    Looking at the outrageous demands for data by Oracle and the bill for that, I wonder how litigious the government would be if judges could transfer court costs out of the budget of the losing agency.
  • Apple is a litigous monster

    I was an admirer of Steve Jobs. But not the monster he has created any more. This monster(Apple) goes around suing people and killing competition.
    Van Der
    • Did you read the article?

      It did NOT mention Apple... so why bring them up? This is about Google and Oracle.
  • google

    i am sorry but i hate google service gmail and google apps and the hacking they do on you they spy on you and they do not tell you about it and they sale your info to other companys
    but you all know tgis right go on the net and look it up and read
    • Google is better than nothing

      Google offers a lot of really cool stuff for free and if that means I get served targeted ads instead of useless broadcasting ads that other companies do, fine by me.
    • Oh Please!!!

      Any doof+s knows how to install browser addons so they never get to see any net adverts and you can no-track all you want. Your paranoia is so outdated in a world where people are volunteering all information possible about themselves on facebook and other personal sites as well as shopping for porn with their credit cards. Just get a grip already!
  • I guess..

    You have something to hide. If you are doing something you are not supposed to do, then keep that tinfoil hat on. It may protect you. Reality, everyone does it. Facebook, Google, credit card companies, newspapers. Why is it that big of a deal? Government, ok that is a problem, but
    Google? I proudly use my GMail, my Google Drive, and Facebook. Sell my info away!
  • i want

    i want google turned off for good they are not safe at all
    • Right, because... one else can build a search engine and email service. And what is safe in your opinion? Hotmail? Yahoo? Facebook?
      You can run an email server and search engine yourself, in your basement btw.