Google wins Monash Uni email

Google wins Monash Uni email

Summary: After a swathe of universities announced deals with Microsoft for its free Live@edu hosted email, Monash University has said it will provide the rival Gmail service to its 58,000 students instead.


After a swathe of universities announced deals with Microsoft for its free Live@edu hosted email, Monash University has said it will provide the rival Gmail service to its 58,000 students instead.

Students will be given sign up details for their new Google accounts next month, according to Monash University's vice-chancellor professor Edward Byrne. The students would also be informed on how to use other online tools that Google Applications offered.

"We want to give students the best online tools on offer in order to boost their communication and information sharing capabilities and in terms of our e-technology capital, we are giving the university plenty of room to grow in the future," Byrne said.

Storage would increase to 7GB from the current 40MB each user is allocated. Students will also be able to chat, integrate email with online calendar as well as work collaboratively with fellow students on shared documents.

Alumni might also get access to the service, Byrne said, with the university currently looking into the possibility. There was no mention of using the email service for its 7000 staff.

Lately, Microsoft has been named by universities as their email partner, despite Macquarie University (one of the first Australian universities to take the plunge) opting for Gmail.

In the last year, WA TAFE, Curtin University, University of NSW, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, the Australian Catholic University, the University of Canberra, Victoria University and the Queensland University of Technology have all decided to go with the software company's Live@edu product.

On the other side of the scale, the Universities of Adelaide, Auckland, Macquarie University and the NSW Department of Education have publicly opted for Gmail.

Monash University did not state its reasons for deciding to implement Google's product instead of Microsoft's.

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  • Swinburne?

    I hope Swinburne follows Monash's lead, Google's mail seems leaps and bounds ahead of Microsoft's!
  • WA Education Department

    As an ICT teacher in WA. I would like all WA school students to have a Gmail account, not an MS Live account.

    Simply because Gmail is sooo simple and robust.
  • UWA

    The University of WA has just annouced to students that our email will be transferred to google in the near future. The Uni started using Atmail since the start of the year, but the service was terrible, and so they've decided to give up on it.

    Hopefully google does a better job of managing student email.

    The announcement:

    "UWA Chooses Google Apps to Power New Student Email Service

    The University is preparing to change its email service for students. Good progress is being made so that the student email service will soon be powered by Google. We hope to be able to start the change straight after the exams. "
  • biggest gmail implementation in the world

    Rentokil announced this week that 35,000 of its employees will move to gmail making it the largest implementation in the world. Now Monash has taken the title.

    Expect to see more gmail announcements in the future, further highlighting the change towards SaaS, clouds etc etc.
  • Yeah, definitely

    I agree... Swinburne definitely needs a better email system :P