Google's Android Wear's secret sauce: The cloud

Google's Android Wear's secret sauce: The cloud

Summary: Android Wear is almost a side show---just another screen accessing Google's services---but the search giant is likely to do fairly well in wearables.

TOPICS: Mobility, Android, Google
Smaller screen, same Google information services.


Google on Tuesday outlined its developer preview for Android Wear with an aim to power smartwatches and other wearable devices. But the real secret sauce of Android Wear may be the ability to bridge multiple screens via its cloud infrastructure.

In a blog post, Android chief Sundar Pichai outlined Android Wear. The move was telegraphed at SXSW and CNET had reported the effort months before.

The positives for Android Wear are the following:

  • An ecosystem that includes the likes of Intel, Samsung, Fossil, HTC, Motorola and LG to name a few. We'll put aside the fact that only Fossil knows how to make a fashionable watch at the moment.
  • Health monitoring applications.
  • A familiar Google Now approach to accessing information and voice requests started by "OK Google."
  • A series of watches to launch this year.
  • Google's approach revolves more around information delivery across multiple screens.

Sure, there are challenges, but Android Wear can work because Google isn't taken its eye off the core mission---to organize and deliver information.

Pichai noted:

Here’s to getting the most out of the many screens you use every day—whether in your car, in your pocket or, very soon, on your wrist.

In other words, Google's secret sauce to Android Wear is the same as it ever was---cloud computing and data delivery. Android Wear is almost a side show---just another screen accessing Google's services---but the search giant is likely to do fairly well.


Google will be able to connect your smartphone, tablet, PC and TV via Android. In that context, wearables are just part of the equation---another venue for Google Now.

Topics: Mobility, Android, Google

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  • Google's Android Wear's secret sauce: The cloud

    • haha

      I had to create an account to reply to your comment as it's exactly what I was thinking from the title of the article to the end of it and you summed it up perfectly ^_^
  • Will Google's Android-based Wear devices be avaialble in retail outlets?

    Because that's not where one must purchase Google's Nexus devices. Instead, one must purchase their Nexus device at:

    If Google's is serious about retail, it needs to make its products available in retail outlets (too numerous to list).
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • Yes, because other Google devices already are...

      Case in point.
      • How about an unlocked Nexus 5 smartphone?

        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • fallacy

          so because you can't buy the unlock version of one phone, then you can't get google products in retail store? how about chromebooks? chromecast?
          • There's a reason you can't buy them in retail stores ...

            ... Retail stores know that they can't compete with the internet on price.

            Let's face it, every Google device is Internet-involved, isn't a webstore - Google or otherwise - the logical place to buy?
          • Huh???

            Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops are sold at many brick and mortar retailers.
            Rabid Howler Monkey
        • Unlocked Nexus 5 smartphone

          There is already an unlocked Nexus 5 smartphone.
    • available in shops means higher price!

      Adding at least 50usd to price
    • What are you talking about?

      Google's products are already available in both online and physical retail outlets.
  • "Google's approach revolves more around information delivery..."

    Should read: Google's approach revolves more around information GATHERING. Always has been. Always will be.
    • both right and wrong

      Google is about data, delivery AND gathering.
      • Without the gathering...

        there would be no delivering.
        • Without the delivering...

          ...there would be no Just Echelon.
          Ivan Turgenev
        • Information Gathering

          A lot of the information Google gathers is about us. The cloud is convient but not if the cloud becomes our only place to receive files and data, especially our own data.
      • Gathering in exchange for delivering

        In exchange for delivering their search service to you for free, you agree that Google gets to collect the information you gave them to sell to advertisers. It's a tradeoff.
  • integration?

    If it integrates with Google+ I am truly not interested.
    • Integration

      If it integrates with Google + and Hangouts, I truly am interested.
      • Integration... heh

        Google + is the biggest vacuum ever encountered in this century.