Google's app store downloads could surpass Apple's by June

Google's app store downloads could surpass Apple's by June

Summary: The larger Android user-base will likely help Google Play dethrone the App Store as the largest source of mobile app downloads in the world.

TOPICS: Apple, Android, Apps, Google

The 900 million-strong army of Android devices that have been activated to date are likely to propel Google Play into pole position among mobile app stores by June.

Google and Apple in May announced almost in unison that they had reached key milestones for downloads from their respective stores.

Google announced in May it had reached 48 billion downloads off the back of a month that saw Android users download around 2.5 billion apps. Google had approximately 700,000 apps available in June, according to App Brain

The day before, Apple announced that since opening its App Store in 2008, iOS owners had downloaded 50 billion apps — excluding re-downloads and updates — and were doing so at a rate of two billion apps per month. Apple has around 850,000 iPhone apps and 350,000 iPad apps available.  

Horace Dediu, mobile analyst at researchers Asymco, forecasts that Google's Play downloads is likely to be on par with App Store downloads by the end of May.

Given the two store's rates, Dediu told ZDNet it was very likely that Google Play downloads would surpass the App Store in June.

However, it's the sheer number of Android devices that will propel Google Play in to the lead, since iOS owners tend to install more apps per device than Android owners.

According to Dediu, there are 83 apps per iOS device while there are 53 apps per Android device activation. He added that the gap between the two companies on this metric showed no sign of narrowing.

Topics: Apple, Android, Apps, Google

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  • I win

    got 186 installed on mine.

    With not a single fart app either!
  • Android App Store Still Blows

    With a mishmash of old and moldy Gingerbread style apps, ugly Tron-esque Honeycomb abortions, and lifeless Holo apps, who cares? Not to mention the plethora of spyware and malware... Android is a dumping ground for second rate everything.
    • compared to what?

      Hopefullly you are an apple fanboy, and not a windows phone fanboy as that claim would be ludicrous.
      In any case, the people have spoken, as the # of app downloads and activations are the true metrics of what plaform is the superior one. This will be incontrovertible evidence once this milestone is reached!
    • True

      But only compared to Windows Phone.
      Agosto Nuñez
  • @ Liam Tung

    Isn't there an equal or bigger newsitem for the day for the mobile platform market?

    Which is that Windows Phone is starting to get a respectable share of new sales per month in USA.

    It now gets ~5.6% of marketshare in a month which is more than Blackberry's but lesser than Android's or iOS's.

    More interesting is the fact that its rate of growth ~47% or so is high.

  • Yes, But Apple's SHARE PRICE Is...

    ...oh, wait.
  • I wonder

    what the numbers are when you add in all the other Android app stores?